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Toshiba is a Japanese multinational company, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It’s a well-known brand that deals in manufacturing of diverse products and offering various services. The products manufactured by Toshiba include various Information technology and communications devices, electronic components, power systems, household appliances, and much more. The products and services mentioned are generally reliable, and runs mostly without any hassle. However, electronic devices can show up with unexpected glitches. This is the case with any brand, and Toshiba is no different. Keeping this in mind, we, at Toshiba Support, provide complete solutions to every issue you can face with Toshiba products. Be it laptops, desktops, printers, or tablets; we can fix any problem you can ever encounter any of these.

If you are facing troubles with your Toshiba product, feel free to call us at our Toshiba Support Phone Number. Our certified technicians, working with advanced tools can fix all your Toshiba related issues in no time.

Toshiba is a widely known brand for laptops, desktops, tablets, and many more electronic devices and services. We at Toshiba Support, work with the errors and problems you can face with them. From basic to advanced, whatever your issue is, we can fix them easily. With highly skilled technicians working round the clock, we are well-equipped with the necessary skills and techniques needed to resolve any Toshiba related issues. Thus, you can always rely on our Toshiba Customer Support to take care of your product. Our availability is 24*7, and we offer you complete support and solutions for every Toshiba product.

Customer Support Services For Products

As mentioned earlier, we provide services for all and every Toshiba product that include:

  • Toshiba computer
  • Toshiba laptop and tablet
  • Customer support regarding user manual and beginner’s guide
  • Fix Toshiba error codes and messages
  • Installation and configuration of software in Toshiba products.
  • Toshiba driver and software, and many more.

Toshiba Support deals with each one of them, and whether it’s a hardware failure or a software issue you are encountering, we can fix them easily. So, contact us without any second thought and we will take care of your product and the issue that is troubling you.

Standard Issues With Products

You need to be aware of the issues you can face on your Toshiba device, as once you encounter them, you will require Toshiba Support right away. For your convenience, we have listed some of the most common issues here.


Toshiba LCDs sometimes face what is commonly known as ghosting, whereby fast-moving images lag on the screen. This affects the viewing and is extremely annoying at the same time. To fix this issue you can always contact our Toshiba Support. We can fix this problem effectively and correct any other problems with viewing as well.

Image Resolution

Sometimes, the image on Toshiba LCDs appears not sharp enough or hazy. The resolution can easily be fixed by turning on to its settings, or if it is an issue with some hardware, we can provide you with the proper solutions.

Black Bars

Toshiba LCD TVs use 16:9 ratio which is different from the older 4:3 ratio of tube TVs. But sometimes black bars can appear at the top and the bottom of your screen if the show that you are watching does not conform to the TVs aspect ratio. To fix this, you can try to press the PC size button multiple times, until the best-fit image appears. Or, you can always contact us at Toshiba Support Phone Number for a complete resolution of all problems with Toshiba LCDs.

Laptop Issues

Problems encountered with Toshiba laptops can be varied, and fixing each of them has different troubleshooting measures. These issues can be frustrating at times, and to fix them you normally need a trusted Toshiba service provider. We have listed some common issues and how to troubleshoot each of them.


This is a most common problem with Toshiba laptops, and mostly occurs when the heatsink of your device fills with dust, and thus, the cooling fan cannot function properly. You can try to fix this issue by removing the dust particles and blowing off the dirt to make the fan functioning again. You may also try to unplug the laptop for some time, and wait for it to cool down before re-operating on it.

Power Jack Problems

The power jacks on Toshiba Laptops can sometimes lose contact, and you are unable to charge it. Therefore, you cannot work on these laptops, as they drain out of the battery. To effectively resolve this issue you need to disassemble the laptop, take the motherboard out, and solder the connections. But, you should only try this, if you are an expert in handling these sort of operations. Otherwise, you can leave your headache to us. At Toshiba Support, we deal with these sort of operations regularly, and will happily resolve yours as well.

These issues can magnify over time. Thus, once encountered, you shouldn’t ignore them. Leaving them as they are, will only worsen the situation, and that way you can damage your Toshiba device beyond repair. So, we suggest that the moment you encounter such issues, or any other, contact our Toshiba Support team for effective resolution of them.

Services We Offer

In case you are facing recurring problems with your Toshiba device, we are always there to help you out. Our team comprises of highly skilled and qualified technicians, who can resolve any issue with your Toshiba product in no time. We understand the value of your product and the place it takes in your work. We understand that without your device working correctly, you are troubled and probably trying to figure out what troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve those.

One word of caution here. These products from Toshiba are extremely sensitive and hence will require a professional handling with the errors. That is to ensure that no damage is done while trying to fix the issues. We, at Toshiba Support, are the experts in handling any issue you may come across on your Toshiba product. So, we recommend that you contact us, or any other reliable service provider to fix your issues. Our top-rated services include support for:

  • Toshiba computer tune up and optimization
  • Resolving internet connectivity and browsing
  • Fixing the virus attack issues
  • Driver software issues
  • Installation of driver and software
  • Minor to major technical fault
  • Printer issues such as a paper jam
  • Operating System issues
  • Registration or activation issues

This list is hardly exhaustive, and we can and do fix any sort of issue with your Toshiba product. We are handling these issues for years, and you can count on us to fix any of them. We work with advanced tools, and thus the process of fixing becomes easier and less time consuming than usual.

Our Toshiba Support Phone Number is active round the clock, and you can contact us at any hour of the day for an effective resolution of any problems you are facing on your Toshiba product.

Why Choose Support?

Toshiba products are delicate, sophisticated, and require advanced techniques to repair. Our expert team of Toshiba Support comprises of highly skilled technicians who are always ready and available to cater to your needs. They work with advanced tools that make their work easy and precise at the same time. Our services are timely. Which means that you do not have to wait long or for an extended length of time to resolve the issues you are facing. With us, your issues will get resolved within the stipulated time, and you do not need to wait a second more than the time estimated.

We understand that facing technical glitches frequently is not what you want with your Toshiba devices, and encountering them poses you with troubles that are uncalled for. We understand that encountering an issue on your device hampers your work. Thus, apart from making our services timely, we have also kept them affordable by all the means. You do not need to spend a hefty amount to avail of our services. The costs involved depend only on the specific issue you are facing, and the procedure needed to resolve it.

Troubleshooting for following Technical issues offered:

  • Support for compatibility issues
  • Support for Toshiba Computer tune up and optimization
  • Support for resolving internet connectivity and browsing
  • Support for fixing the virus attack issues
  • Support for driver software issues
  • Support for installation of diver and software
  • Support for minor to major technical faults
  • Support for security issues
  • Support for Printer issues such as paper jam
  • Support for Operating system issues
  • Support for registration or activation issues

We also offer doorstep solutions to our valued customers along with remote technical assistance. You just need to call our Toshiba Support Phone Number to avail them. With doorstep services, you do not need to worry about visiting us, rather we will visit you and resolve any issue you might be facing on your Toshiba product.

Connect to Customer Support Service Team for instant Aid

For your convenience, we have kept our mode of communication varied and flexible. You can call us at our 24*7 toll-free Toshiba Support Phone Number. You just need to place the call, we will take care of the rest. Our executives will guide you through the exact steps and procedure required to fix your issue. Alternately, you can connect with us at our online chat portal. This service too is available round the clock. Alternatively, you can mail us at our dedicated Email ID. We will reach you back within 24 hrs and make sure you get the support and solutions needed to resolve your issue.