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How to Fix Toshiba Printer in Error State issue ?

[Solved] Toshiba Printer in Error State Windows 10 and Mac

Have you just encountered the issue of “Error Printer State” while attempting to get a print from your Windows 10 printer? Toshiba Printer is a prevalent issue encountered by all printer brands in error condition. If you’ve updated your system from an earlier version to the recent version of Windows 10, you may face this issue a lot more.You’ll learn how to solve Toshiba Printer in Error State windows 10 in this step-by-step tutorial.

Toshiba Printer in Error State

Step to Fix Toshiba Printer Error State

Step 1: Fix Port issues.

When it comes to printers, Windows 10 has some ports issues. By following the measures to fix toshiba printer is in error state : –

Go to Device Manager, you can solve this rapidly. By right-clicking the Start menu and choosing “Device Manager” from the menu of the power user, you can do this. Click on the view menu in the Device Manager window and from the drop-down select “Show hidden devices” choices.

Now, in the Device Manager window, you will see the choices for Ports (COM & LPT). Expand the Printer Port category and right-click it. Click Properties from the pop-up menu that appears.

Click the “Port Settings” tab next. Select “Use any interrupt allocated to port” from the accessible choices. Next, inspect the box that says “Enable Legacy Plug and Play Detection.”

Click OK to save the modifications and close the Device Manager after making the choices. You’ll have to restart your laptop now. You should be able to use your printer after restart. If not, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Reinstall the driver.

First, by right-clicking on the Start menu, open the Device Manager. Click Device Manager from the power user menu.

Click the Printer option to expand the list from the Device Manager window. Find your printer from the list and right-click it. Opens a context menu. Select “Uninstall Device” from this menu to delete the present driver.

A warning pop-up will appear on your screen when you click Uninstall Device, stating “You’re about to uninstall this device from your system.” Click OK to continue.

Restart your computer to allow the modifications to take impact after the uninstall method is complete. Connect your printer to the system after restarting and it should begin automatically installing the printer. If the system requests the place of the driver, insert the CD with the printer. Reboot your laptop after the driver has been installed.

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Step 3: Manually update the driver.

If the issue persists, you need to go ahaed and update your printer driver. Go to the website of the manufacturer and search for your printer drivers. Download the driver’s recent version manually.

Double-click it once downloaded to begin the setup process. The setup file will automatically update the current driver. Make sure your printer is always linked to your laptop.

We hope your question will be settled on how to fix Toshiba printer in error state windows 10.

Dial Toshiba Printer Support Number for Instant Help

If you have been tired of all the measures and the printer is still in Toshiba Printer Error State condition, contact our Toshiba Support Assistant. To assist, we have a extremely skilled Toshiba printer tech support team accessible 24 hours a day. Our Toshiba support number allows you to reach us rapidly; our specialists will assist you in every manner possible. If you’re looking for technical internet chat support, you can simply use our internet portal to help you. You can also write us a mail to report the matter on our Toshiba Support ID. As quickly as possible, our specialists will communicate with you.

Toshiba Printer Offline – How to Get Your Printer Back Online ?

Toshiba Printer Offline

Toshiba printer offline error means that the printer has failed to connect with the machine. This error can occur due to various reasons such as link issue, misconfigured printer spooler service, outdated printer driver, and so on. If you are still dealing with the same mistake, then you can have a look at the following section. Here, we will provide efficient solutions that can support you from the heart to minimise this mistake.

Many Windows 10 users have recorded problems with printer connectivity and a bug that, even if they are connected and completely working, may set active printers offline. When talking about network printers, this error is generally found, but home users with a direct connexion to their printer have also complained.

toshiba printer offline

Why does the Toshiba Printer Offline error occur?

As Windows 10 sees that the printer is inaccessible, the error occurs. Unfortunately, most of the time, whether the printer is very offline or if it has communication issues or printing errors, it can’t say. They can arise when:

  • The slow / unresponsive link between the machine and the printer is
  • An internal error has been found in the printer
  • Several incomplete print jobs are available in the queue.

How can I fix the Toshiba Printer Offline in Windows 10?

  1. Reinstall Drivers for your printer
  2. Check if you are using a connexion with a VPN
  3. Adjust printer configuration
  4. Restart the Spooler Print service
  5. Modify the properties of the printer
  6. Install the most recent updates
  7. Attach a second computer for the printer

4 Ways to Fix Toshiba Printer Offline Windows 10

There are several ways of fixing this issue. We are about to discuss the most advisable ones here. You should perform the simple troubleshooting hacks before beginning to implement them.

Basic Troubleshooting Tricks

As we mentioned earlier, this error can be caused by a defective connexion. Thus, make sure that there is no harm to the wireless or USB cable you are using to connect Toshiba to your device. To ensure its durability, if you are using a USB printer, then check both ends of the USB cable. And, the quality of the wireless signal has to be high for the wireless link.

Afterwards, make sure that inside the input tray or within the printer there is no paper jam. Restart both your printer and machine after testing these. Run a test printout, then. If you see that the issue is solved, then it’s fantastic. Else, proceed to the other ways outlined below.

Procedure 1: Change the Settings of the Toshiba Printer

A Toshiba printer offline error can be caused by misconfigured settings. So, first you need to check the settings. If required, you can also make the necessary adjustments to the settings. First of all, set up the Toshiba printer as your computer’s default printer.

How to Set a Printer as the Default Printer of the Computer?

Next, navigate to the Start menu to configure a Toshiba printer as the default printer. Click on the icon for Settings (gear-shaped). Navigate to a group for Smartphones. Tap on the ‘Printers & Scanners’ section after that. Now, you can get a list of printers that were previously linked to the device. Select a Toshiba printer that you are using.

Then, tap on the Manage button. Lastly, click on the ‘Set as default’ option to set your Toshiba printer as the default printer of the system. After doing this, you can perform the steps as follows:

  1. Once again, open Settings and then navigate to the Printer section.
  2. Tap the choice to ‘See what’s printing’.
  3. Next, delete all of the unfinished tasks from the list, and then click Printers.
  4. Check the ‘Using Offline Printer’ prompt box and then wait for a few seconds.
  5. To verify if the system is connected to the monitor, uncheck the box once again.

Afterwards, if you are using a network printer, you will have to conduct a connexion test. Next, restart both your printer and machine. Then, run a print test to verify that the problem is solved. Otherwise, the other solutions given below can be tried.

Procedure 2: Restart the Print Spooler Service


They have solved this problem by restarting the Print Spooler Operation, according to some users. To do this, you may complete the steps as follows:

  1. First and foremost, open the Run command box by pressing both the R and Win keys on the keyboard at the same time.
  2. Then in the respective sector, type ‘services.msc’. To open the list of facilities, tap on the OK button.
  3. Now, by scrolling down the service list, check for the Print Spooler Service. Right-click on it once you get there.
  4. To restart the Print Spooler Service, select the ‘Restart’ option from the list.

If these steps do not allow you to restart the Print Spooler service, then the following steps can be applied:

  • Firstly, to open the Print Spooler facility, perform the first three steps.
  • Until the Print Spooler service is found, you can double-click it to handle the print job.
  • Next, go to the section on Print Spooler Assets.
  • If you see the startup form of the service as ‘manual,’ then click the drop-down menu.
  • Set the start-up type of the service to Automatic.
  • After that, tap on the Start button and wait until Windows begins the Print Spooler service for a few seconds.
  • Finally, by clicking on the Submit button, save the changes. Verify the modification, then.

The Toshiba printer will then solve the situation offline as planned. If it does not, then the other forms listed below can be done.

Procedure 3: Change the Properties of your Toshiba Printer

By modifying the properties of the Toshiba printer, you can also solve this problem. You can perform the steps listed below to do this:

  1. In the beginning, by going to the Start menu, open the Control Panel.
  2. Then, navigate to the category’ Printers and Tablets.’
  3. Right-click the Printer icon and then choose the option ‘Printer Assets’ from the list.
  4. Next, select your Toshiba printer’s IP address from the port.
  5. Navigate to the tab for setup. Be sure to uncheck the SNMP status.
  6. Finally, to add the modifications, tap on the OK button.

If you see that the error still exists after modifying the printer properties, then you can update the printer driver to get rid of this error.

Procedure 4: Update the Printer Driver

The computer will malfunction and go offline if the printer driver is not compatible with the OS you’re using. By upgrading the printer driver to its newest update, you can solve this problem easily.

How to Update the Toshiba Printer Driver?

The System Manager allows you to upgrade the Toshiba printer driver. To do this, first open the Run box and then type in the input field ‘devmgmt.msc’. To open the System Manager, press the Enter key on the keyboard.

By clicking on it twice, extend the ‘Print Queues’ or Printers’ option. Locate and right-click on the printer you are using. Choose the ‘Driver Update’ or ‘Driver Software Update’ option. After that, click on the option ‘Check for modified driver software automatically’.

Searching for the new driver will begin. Finally, complete the process of updating by following the instructions on-screen. Restart both the printer and the machine afterwards to add the modifications. You can now run Test Print to verify whether an offline Toshiba printer error is fixed.

The most suggested ways to solve the Toshiba printer offline windows 10 error are the above 4 solutions. We hope it will help you to get rid of this error after implementing the above ways in their specific order. You should follow our website frequently if you want to find answers to similar mistakes.

Fix Error Code 0xc00000f Windows 10

Error Code 0xc00000f Windows 10

Error code 0xc00000f is a Rare Blue Death Screen (BSOD) fatal Windows error that occurs after downloading new software or upgrading the OS. It could sound like that. Where Windows 10 users have the luxury of having so many advanced features, there is time when users face differentiated issues. When the mistake is detected, the user will be stopped from continuing to function.

Encountering this error does not mean that the OS is damaged. It only means that the OS encounters a problem at the point when it starts to access some files. The error can occur when you start the computer or in the course of instructing the computer to access a hardware, which can be a USB inserted in a port or a printer on a shared network. The occurrence of Stop Error Code 0x0000007e leads to the blue screen of death.

Causes of Error Code 0xc00000f in Windows 10

Error code 0xc00000f in Windows 10 is One user-reported common error code. The Boot Configuration Data (BCD) identifies this error as a concern. Once the error happens it comes with a message of error indicating that your machine needs repair. This also sets out a list of suggestions.Every software problem comes with a solution to successfully repair and resolve the Windows Error code 0xc00000f . The key workarounds for fixing the error are testing, finding the problem and repairing the device, then going forward to correct or restore the boot configuration data and generating EFI system partitioning.

Before we focus on the possible cures, let’s understand the causes behind it. Usually, the Boot Manager cannot locate the BCD (Boot Configuration Database) file in the system owing to the following reasons:

error code 0xc00000f windows 10


Reasons why you get error 0xc000000f on Windows 10

You get error 0xc000000f on Windows 10 due to the following reasons:

  • Corrupt boot sector due to infections or power outage
  • Damage External device or power cord
  • Corrupt system drivers, system files
  • Damaged hard disk
  • Improper shutdown
  • Virus/Malware infection.
  • Outdated system or hardware drivers.
  • Outdated or incorrect system BIOS.
  • Incompatible system or hardware drivers.
  • Limited space on the hard disk.

Solve Boot BCD Error Code 0xc00000f In Windows 10

The below listed solutions have the possibility to fix the Window 10 problem. In the given sequence you will need to obey the steps and instructions exactly. The resolutions provided below are very much feasible so it is easy to bring back your Windows to the normal condition assuring data security.

Method 1 – Detach the devices or USB linked with your Computer

Normally the USB devices which are connected to the computer or laptop ports are the main reason for this mistake. So detaching the cables or the USB is necessary. You will then have to restart your computer to ensure that the error is fixed.

The damaged power cord can cause the Windows to stop booting up abruptly as the power supply is interrupted. It is advisable to remove all external devices from the computer before acting.

Step 1: Turn off the Windows device.

Step 2: Disconnect it from the power source. Check the power cord for any visible sign of wear and tear. If so, replace it before plugging it back on. If it looks healthy, perform the following steps.

Step 3: Remove all connected devices like microphone, USB devices, webcam, dongles, and other electronic accessories one by one.

Step 4: Power on the device to try again.

Method 2 – Verify your Hard Drive

Before going any further, make sure your computer hardware doesn’t create the problem. In that case you need to run CHKDSK tool and search your hard disk first.

  • Place your CD / DVD installation on the drive, and start your machine. Select repair machine moving below once you have installed the correct language, keyboard.
  • Go to the boot drive for Windows which is usually the C:\-> Click Next.
  • When the screen shows the Device Recovery Options-> Run the Prompt command following the options. Type in and execute the commands.

Your second move should be to do away with unnecessary files on your computer that take up valuable space. This solution will work if the 0x0000007e error occurs after starting your computer.

1. Restart your computer.
2. Press “F8” key to load the “Recovery screen“.
3. Click “Advanced Repair Options.
4. Click “Troubleshoot.
5. Click “Advanced Options.
6. Click “Windows Startup Settings.
7. Click “Restart.
8. Your computer will restart in safe mode. Remove all the temporary files, program backup files and Internet cache files on the resultant “Recovery Console.

Restart your computer normally and do whatever you were doing to see whether or not the error 0x0000007e is fixed.

Method 3 – Repair PC from Configuration Wizard

Follow patch to address Error Code 0xc00000f in Windows 10 on your Mac. You need to make sure you have a compatible Bootable like: CD / DVD, USB, or Flash Drive.

  • Attach the CD / DVD and pick the language you want to install, time and currency format, and method of input that keyboard with the relevant drop downs-> Click Next.
  • From the setup wizard, pick Fix your Computer. If the system starts without any error, allow the tool to auto fix the error.

Method 4 – Repair your Computer

Whether you’re keeping a bootable CD / DVD, Pen Drive or USB drive it’s great, you’ll need to produce one if you’re now. Follow the steps below to produce one of Windows 10’s bootable pen drive, CD / DVD and Windows 8’s.

  • Plug USB drive, pen drive, Play DVD / CD into the provided port, or optical DVD drive into the installation unit.
  • Reboot your Mac, and click F2, F3, F4, Del or Esc depending on your computer. Once the BIOS screen is shown, pick the right Boot Order.
  • Set up your USB disk, pen player, DVD / CD disk name in the boot system first row.
  • Press F10 to save the changed settings, and restart your computer again. The machine eventually restarts with good installation media and fixes Error Code 0xc00000f in Windows 10.


This solution will only work if the error occurs long after starting your computer. Note that the Basic Input and Output System (BIOS) plays the important role of informing the OS whether or not installed hardware are available for use. Any issue in the system leads to the occurrence of error 0x0000007e.

  • Click “Start” on your computer.
  • Type “msinfo32″ or 64 in the search box.
  • Click “System Summary.”
  • Note down the displayed date and version of the BIOS.
  • Connect your computer to the Internet.
  • Access your computer’s or your computer’s motherboard manufacturer website.

Check to see whether or not your computer’s BIOS is the latest. You need to download the latest BIOS software just in case your computer’s software is outdated.

You need to pay close attention to BIOS software installation instructions to prevent damaging your computer beyond repair. Restart your computer after upgrading the BIOS and do what you were doing before the Stop error 0x0000007e occurred to see if it is fixed.


Third-party drivers can easily cause error 0x0000007e. Removing them can quickly repair the error. This solution only works if the error occurs after starting your computer.

1. Create a temporary folder to host all the third-party drivers installed on your computer. You need to create the folder in the same sub-directory containing the OS. This is because some machines make use of either IDE or SCSI controller drivers by third-parties.

2. Transfer all the third-party drivers to the temporary folder.

3. Restart your computer and revert to what you were doing to see if the error is fixed.
If the error is fixed, then it means that installation of the third-party drivers was not correct. You can easily rectify this by;

1. Transfer the third-party drivers back to their original location one after another. You need to restart your computer every time you transfer a driver to see if the error occurs. If the error occurs after moving a particular driver, then that driver is the culprit.
2. Connect your computer to the Internet to access the website of that specific driver’s manufacturer.
3. Download to install the latest available driver.
4. Complete the transfer of the other divers.
5. Restart your computer.

The error should be fixed.

One of these solutions should be useful in correcting error 0x0000007e. It will be necessary to revert your computer back to an earlier date when it runs without the occurrence of the error. It is only in rare cases that you may need to perform full re-installation of the OS.

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Fixed windows error code 0xc00000f at just one call!

You can instantly contact the Windows customer service team via phone or email in case the error still persists. Instead you can use our blog, a reputable service provider, to communicate with the professional Windows expert team. The in-house team ensures Windows 10 repair is fast and feasible. The department can be contacted using the toll-free phone number

Solution : error code 0xc0000034 windows 10

How to Fix Error Code 0xc0000034 Windows 10

Windows 10 Error Code 0xc0000034

Your Laptop has Windows 10. This has worked a couple of minutes ago, now you have a problem with it. When you turn on your computer, you will be greeted with error code 0xc0000034, “The data file for the boot configuration is missing.” You can easily Fix Error Code 0xc0000034 Windows 10, by applying some troubleshooting step.

Causes of Error Code 0xc0000034

Well, this error can happen with several factors, including incomplete, corrupt, damaged or misconfigured boot-related files, Incompatible hardware or software, etc. Still, the good news is you don’t lose your data and you can get it all back. For this, you will have to do a little work to restore that missing file. The steps described here are how to fix a ‘configuration data file’ boot error in Windows 10 or to solve Error Code 0xc0000034. Then you just need to follow the below-given steps to quickly solve the issue.


Steps to Fix Error Code 0xc0000034 Windows 10 :

Next, you’ll need a DVD or USB stick that contains the Windows installation files. Here you can access a Microsoft utility which will build that for you. Implement then these steps:

Step 1:- Insert your Installation Media

Start by inserting your installation media into the Asus computer.

Step 2:- Boot to the Media

Boot to the media. Press “F12” during boot up on the Asus computer.

Step 3:- Go to Windows “Setup” Menu

Click “Next” on the Windows “Setup” menu.

Step 4:- Repair your Asus Laptop

Then you need to click on “Repair your computer”.

Step 5:- Troubleshoot Problem

Now you will require choosing “Troubleshoot” option. Then select “Advanced options”.

Step 7:- Go to “Command Prompt”

Now you will need to pick “Command Prompt”.

Step 8:- Type the Following Commands

Then type Bootrec /fixmbr and press the “Enter” key.

Now you need to type Bootrec /fixboot and press the “Enter” key.

Then Type Bootrec /scanos and press the enter key.

Now Type Bootrec /rebuildbcd and press the enter key.

Then Type “A” to add the installation to the boot list and hit enter.

Step 9:- Exit the Command Prompt

Exit the command prompt with the “X” button on the top of the window.

Step 10:- Go to Your Desktop

Click “Continue” to go to your Desktop

When the process completes, it will surely fix the error, and reports how many bad sectors have been found.

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I hope your issue Windows 10 Error code 0xc0000034 laptop is resolved.

After performing all the above steps, in case, you are still getting the same error, then you can connect with our certified professionals now to get immediate help.

Get Immediate Aid by Experts To Quick Support & Online Help for Error Code 0xc0000034 :

Our Laptop Support , which is a toll-free and available 24/7 hours to help, you can have a free call. By number, you can communicate promptly with our team of qualified and accredited experts from third-party tech support, who can easily solve different types of laptop problems with the innovative solutions. By connecting the experts you’ll get the comprehensive help to easily solve this problem. Hence, connect with professionals now to get rapid solutions & support to fix technical error or issues.

New Ways to Resolve Toshiba Laptop Keyboard Not Working Issue

Toshiba laptop is favored by most of the people for its extraordinary technology. Like any other hardware problem, the keyboard issues of the laptop is one of the biggest challenges to the users. Moreover, the touchpad and keypad both are available as a single unit in its keyboard. So, Toshiba Laptop Keyboard Not Working issue becomes an irritating factor for Lenovo users. If you are not a tech-savvy person, then it is too difficult to resolve technically. However, this article will help you to give an idea about Toshiba

laptop issues along with possible solutions.

Look Into Toshiba Laptop Keyboard Not Working Issues

There are lots of significant factors responsible for generating the ‘Toshiba laptop not working issue.’ Moreover, we will discuss common reasons which help you to identify the resources easily.

Sometimes, the Toshiba laptop keyboard becomes disabled accidently. As a result, the touchpad along with the keys do not respond. Thus, typing problems start arising.

Again, a corrupted driver software may create the laptop keyboard issue. In addition to that, an incorrect driver installation or outdated driver may block the laptop touchpad function.

Many times, wrong keyboard settings become a big issue for a laptop keyboard malfunction. Therefore, without resetting the filter keys or disabling it, you will be unable to fix the laptop issues easily.

Generic  Solutions For Toshiba Keyboard Problem

Method 1: Enable Keyboard

First, choose the Control Panel option from the Search box. Now, open the “Control Panel” Window by tapping the “Control Panel” option from the Start menu.

Now, select “View by small icons” to view all Control Panel items. Therefore, select “Device Manager” from the context menu.

Here, right click on “Keyboard” option and select “Enable device” from the pop-up menu. it will re-enable your keyboard as well as a touchpad.

Now, reboot your system and after it successfully turns on, you have to check whether the Toshiba Laptop Keyboard Not Working issues is removed or not.

Method 2: Update Keyboard Driver

First, tap on the “Start” button and select the menu, “Control Panel” and open the Control Panel Window by tapping on it.

Now, make the items as small icons by clicking on “View by small icons”.

Here, double-click on “Keyboard” option to expand the option. Now, right-click on that menu and select on “Update Driver Software” to update it.

Method 3: Disable Filter Keys

Modification of the filter keys controls the pace of the keystrokes repeatedly. So, you can follow the process below and remove the issues as soon as possible.

First, go to the Settings menu by right-clicking on “Start” button. Now, choose the option, “Ease of Access”.

Secondly, choose the option, “Keyboard” from the above program. Finally, turn off or uncheck the filter keys and disable this filter key option permanently. After that, restart your Toshiba laptop and check whether the problem persists or not.

If you are still fed up with the Toshiba keyboard not working issue, then you can connect with us for proper technical assistance.

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Dial +1-855-626-0142 Toshiba Customer Service Number for 24*7 Customer Supports:

Our Toshiba laptop support team is very skillful to resolve the Toshiba hardware issues efficiently. Therefore, if you want to remove the “Toshiba laptop keyboard not working” error permanently, you can contact us round the clock. Moreover, you can avail our 24*7 service at an inexpensive rate.

You can place a call at our tech support number and fix laptop keyboard issue as soon as possible. Or, you may drop an email at our Toshiba Support mail id and get a feasible solution within a limited timeframe.

How to Toshiba Bios Update?

BIOS is the most important part of any computer/laptop. This is an inbuilt program generally helping to boot up your system. It helps to start the operating system when you turn on the device. Its main motto is to check every hardware works correctly or not. That’s why it is essential to update BIOS all the time. However, many Toshiba Laptop users often face problems at the time of updating the BIOS. Like you many users have the same question, How to Toshiba Bios Update?.

If you are looking for some easy ways to update BIOS on your Toshiba laptop, then you are in the right place. In this article, you can get some easy ways to update the BIOS.

Toshiba Bios Update

Toshiba BIOS update- Why Do You Need?

If you use an outdated BIOS, then it might not able to find any problem at the time of booting. If it happens, then it may create many problems in your system. That’s why it is better to update the BIOS software always.

If you don’t perform a BIOS update program, then you can face some problems in the near future. Problems such as:

  • The system will recognize the quad-core processor as a single core processor, which may prevent you to perform any work efficiently.
  • The performance of your system may deteriorate.
  • If there is any graphics card installed in your device, then it may not able to sync properly with the system.
  • Your laptop may crash while working.
  • The fan speed may reduce and this may lead to many problems.

That’s why it is most important to keep your Toshiba laptop BIOS updated. However, this is a tricky process to perform, if you are not confident enough to do that. Then go through the article and after that try to update the BIOS software.

How To Update The BIOS?

The procedure of updating the BIOS is a little tricky, but if you follow these below-mentioned steps, then you can complete the process smoothly.

But before you start BIOS update, check if the laptop is fully charged and for further safety plug in the charger also. Moreover, close all the running applications and antivirus programs to avoid unnecessary trouble.

  • At first, find the BIOS version of your laptop. For that, go the Start menu and search for  System Information option. After that click on the System Summary and under that, you can find the version of your system’s BIOS.
  • After finding the version, backup the BIOS first. In BIOS updater option there is an inbuilt  Backup option.
  • Then, find the right update which is required in your system. You can find this update driver version in the Toshiba official website.
  • As soon as you find the required version, download and run the file.
  • Now, your system will automatically update the BIOS. After the update program finishes, restart your system.

When done with these steps, your system will restart automatically for a few times. So, don’t worry it will be fine. Now all the programs of your system will work smoothly.

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Toshiba Support Number +1-855-626-0142 Is Available 24×7


If you find any difficulty while performing thses steps, then you can directly connect with our expert Toshiba Support team. Our professionals at Toshiba Customer Service are well trained to fix any kind of problems related to Toshiba laptop.

To avail our service, you can call us on the Toshiba Support Number. You can also, file your problem at the official email address of Toshiba Customer service. Furthermore, you can also chat with the Toshiba technicians via online chat facility. You can trust our technicians to fix your problem right away.

How To Solve Toshiba Error Code 0xc0000185?

Toshiba Error Code 0xc0000185 occurs when the Boot Configuration Data gets corrupted somehow. Toshiba laptop offers you great help both offline as well as online. Errors like these will obviously make your work difficult. Toshiba is one of the leading distributors of electronic devices especially laptops and its components. But this does not mean that they are free from errors and glitches. This is because system errors are part of technology. Furthermore, improper handling of your laptop can lead to system errors like this.

Possible Reasons For Toshiba Error Code 0xc0000185

Error codes are always possible to repair if you are aware of the defects which are causing the issues. This is, in fact, your first step to resolve your Toshiba problem.A corrupted system update can cause system error codes. Sometimes outdated drivers can play a vital role in terms of causing this error. Moreover, third-party antivirus sometimes disables some key system drivers hence you encounter the error code. In addition to that, the accumulation of improper temporary files can cause defects leading to your system.

Steps To Solve Toshiba Error Code 0xc0000185

Toshiba Error Code 0xc0000185

The easy ways to resolve your Toshiba system error is given. Take a glimpse to get rid of your problem on your own.

Fix Boot Configuration Error

  • Put your CD, DVD, or flash drive where your Windows Installation media is loaded.
  • Then you have to press F12 repeatedly at the time of boot to open the “Boot Mode”.
  • Select the option “Windows Boot Manager (TOSHIBA). Now click on “Next” to move to “Windows Setup Menu”.
  • Then choose “Repair your computer” and pick up the “Troubleshoot” option. At this point choose the “Advanced options”.
  • After that, you have to move to the “Command Prompt” and type “Bootrec /fixmbr” and press Enter.
  • Use the command “Bootrec /scanos” and hit the Enter button.
  • You have to use “Bootrec /rebuildbcd” and hit the Enter.
  • Now press “A” on your keyboard for adding the installation to the boot list. Press Enter. Terminate the Command Prompt window and click the “Continue” option to go to the desktop.

Deactivate Your Firewall

  • Go to the “Start” button search “Firewall”.
  • Now select the “Windows Firewall”. In the Windows Firewall window enable “Turn Windows Firewall on or off” option.
  • Now activate the “Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended)” option. Now save the changes by clicking OK.

Disable Your Antivirus Temporarily

  • Press the “Ctrl +Alt +Del” button together to open the “Task Manager” of your computer.
  • The Task Manager window appears on your screen. Then switch to the “Processes” tab.
  • Discover your antivirus process, then right-click on it. Now, select the “End task” option to end the ongoing process.

Protect Your Computer From Harmful Virus

You need to protect your computer from malicious threats. For that, you should have a licensed version of antivirus which is efficient enough to kill them. A powerful antivirus such as Kaspersky or Quick Heal is capable enough to run a full scan on your system.

Contact Toshiba Support For More Issues Resolved

Toshiba service offers you the best deals whenever you are facing any technical glitches. Our experienced Tech-experts will guide you in the most efficient manner possible. Toshiba support understands that you are in a lot of trouble when you face situations like this. For that, you have our Toshiba Support Number 1-855-626-0142 to call our engineers and discuss your issues with us. You can also email us or use our Live Chat Portal to communicate with the support team regarding Toshiba Error Code 0xc0000185.

How to Fix Toshiba Eco Utility Error?

Toshiba has been there in the business from quite some time approaching with integrated solutions for our technical needs. This Japanese conglomerate has a huge global recognition in serving multiple industries. Toshiba products display high-end technical advancements and innovations. Thus, it is a sheer favorite brand for masses. Toshiba Eco Utility is one of the finest devices from under this name that has some great significance. But, this device also malfunctions at times and such Toshiba Eco Utility Error call for better technical assistance.

Toshiba Eco Utility Error

What Causes The Toshiba Eco Utility Error?

Before moving on to the error of this device, let us discuss a bit about how useful it is. The device has the function of lowering down system performance in order to save the power consumption. It will keep a tab on the amount of energy your device is consuming and thereby alert you if the threshold exceeds. It also monitors the total energy consumed on a daily, weekly, as well as monthly basis. Not only that, the device also checks for the CO2 emission from the outlet and how much it is affecting the performance of the system.

Now, coming to the troubling part, continuous usage of this mode can bring up the issue of Toshiba Eco utility error. The issue may also arise if the display brightness is too extreme and hard. That may as well obstruct the LED illumination and keyboard backlight. With all these turbulences, you may be in dire need of some typical solutions that may fix the issue as well. If you are searching for some easy troubleshooting steps, then these may help-

How to Fix Toshiba Eco Utility Error?

Try to remove the software by uninstalling it and then reinstall it back. In case, you are not sure about how to reinstall the application, here is how you can do it-

Start with clicking on “My Toshiba” and move to “All Programs”. Then you need to click on the application installer for Toshiba and it will allow you to reinstall all the laptop applications. The main aim of the application is to save power consumption and if it does not do the needful then it is always better to seek reliable technical help. Check if you are accessing the device at its default power settings that will enable you to do necessary adjustments to the hardware adjustment to the system. You can also try to revive the issue by disabling the illumination as it will help to cut down on the power consumption of the device and thus offering temporary aid to the Toshiba Eco Utility error.

Choose Us For Reliable Toshiba Support

Toshiba Support Number

In case, you are still struggling to fix the glitch then there is no other option left than to ask for expert technical support services to provide proper help. Wondering about where to get the right technical aid for Toshiba errors? We have the ultimate solutions for all your hassles. With us, you will be able to overcome all the Toshiba related issues in no time. You just need to reach us by using any of our contact channels and we will make the work easier for you in an instant. We will offer you with all the protection as well as repair services. Thus, our technical experts will accurately diagnose the error you are struggling with and get you the refined solutions in no time.

Reach us today at our Toshiba Support portal and forget all your technical worries now. Call us at our toll-free customer support number and share your technical hurdles with our experts. You can also contact us via our chat support portal and resolve your issues easily. Apart from that, you also have the option to reach us via our email support ID. Simply write down all you Toshiba related technical issues and we will get you the right solutions in just a flicker of time. We are ceaselessly waiting at our support forum to assist you with expert technical assistance for all the technical hurdles you may face in the course of use. Thus, wait no more and get in touch with us today!

Toshiba laptop Modem Error 633 after Windows 10 Creators Update
How to Fix Toshiba laptop Modem Error 633 after Windows 10 Creators Update?

Updating Windows 1o requires not much technical knowledge. The process is simpler than you can think. But sometimes complications appear which makes the process complicated. You need to Fix Toshiba laptop Modem Error 633 after Windows 10 Creators Update in time. Else issues like Microsoft Edge Browser Unresponsive, DirectX Error after Updating to Creators update, Wi-Fi Issues and more, you may need to face.

There are many reasons which trigger such Windows 10 Update error. A corrupted device driver, revised system settings, common TCP port- all are the prime reasons for this error.

Toshiba laptop Modem Error 633 after Windows 10 Creators Update featured

Solutions to Troubleshoot Toshiba laptop Modem Error 633 after Windows 10 Creators Update:

Whenever you suffer from this modern error 633, then the first thing that you should do is to turn off the internet connection and reboot your system. If the error still recurs, try the below solutions and work your way down to rectify the error efficiently.

Solution 1: Reserving of the TCP Port

  • Press the Windows and the R Key to invoke Run dialog box and thus type ‘regedit’.
  • As you hit the Enter button, Registry Editor Window will appear.
  • Navigate to the following location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters
  • Now click on Edit and then on New followed by clicking on Multi-String Value.
  • Change the name value and thus click on ReservedPorts value.
  • Type 1723-1723 followed by clicking on the Ok button to save the new values.
  • Finally when you are done, exit from the Registry Editor.

Solution 2: Using the Built-In Troubleshooter

  • Select Troubleshoot Option after opening the Setting Option.
  • You can find the option in the left-hand pane.
  • Execute the Internet Connections and Network Adapter Troubleshooters both simultaneously.

Solution 3: Uninstall All Unnecessary Internet Device Programs

  • First, you need to navigate to Start Menu followed by clicking on “add or remove programs”.
  • After right clicking on the option, you need to choose Uninstall followed by following the uninstall procedure.
  • When you remove the entire unwanted apps, reboot your system to save the changes.

Solution 4: Updating of the Network Adapter’ Drivers

  • Press Windows and the R button to open Run dialog box.
  • Now type MSC in the run box and press the Enter button.
  • As the Device Manager launches, double-click on the Network Adapters.
  • Look for Network Adapter and thus right click on the option.
  • Click on Update Driver Software and thus hit the Search automatically for updated driver software option.
  • As you click, windows will automatically start its search for the latest drivers

Obtain 24*7 Technical Services to Repair Toshiba Issues:


Whenever and wherever you face any Modem Error 633 after Windows 10 Creators Update, without freaking out connect with Toshiba Customer Support right now. With our complete support and guidance, we help you resolve any technical issues faced by users. Whether the problem is update related or any technical issues related, our support team will guide you thoroughly.

Toshiba Laptop Fatal System Error
How to Troubleshoot Toshiba Laptop Fatal System Error on Windows 10?

After upgrading, Toshiba laptop users face a lot of issues. Such errors are a scar on Toshiba laptop’s performance. You must know to Troubleshoot Toshiba Laptop Fatal System Error on Windows 10 as quickly as possible. Such fatal error or trickiest errors come with a blue screen of death. If these errors are not fixed up in time, major consequences are waiting ahead. You may face a major technical breakdown in the near future.

Troubleshoot Toshiba Laptop Fatal System Error on Windows 10

Effective Solutions to Fix Toshiba Laptop Fatal System Error on Windows 10:

Read the blog out and find the best solution that is easy to perform and will help you solve such problems permanently.

Solution 1: Fix Windows 10 Installation Defects

  • The first thing that you need to do is to start your computer with Windows 10 Installation Media
  • Press Shift + F10 to open Command Prompt and thus type dism /image:c:\ /cleanup-image /revertpendingactions.
  • Execute the command by pressing the Enter button.
  • Let the process finish and thus look for the error again.

Solution 2: Switch the Driver Signature Enforcement Off

  • Start Automatic Repair process after rebooting your Toshiba system
  • Open Startup Settings by clicking on Troubleshoot and thus on Advanced Options.
  • Click on Disable driver signature enforcement after pressing F7.
  • Look for the error whether it recurs or not

Solution 3: Repair Damaged Registry

  • Open C:\Windows\System32\config\
  • Now save DEFAULT, SAM, SECURITY, SOFTWARE and SYSTEM files to another location.
  • This process will help you back up these files.
  • Open C:\Windows\System32\config\RegBack directory again.
  • And thus copy the content to C:\Windows\System32\config\folder.
  • Make sure the error is fixed.

Solution 4: Update All the Installed Applications and Drivers

If you do not update the necessary applications and drivers in time, BSOD error may appear that will corrupt your entire system. So to procure your system’s performance, update them via manually or automatically.

Get Instantaneous Solutions for Multifarious Toshiba Laptop Issues:

In case you are unable to resolve the Toshiba Laptop Fatal System Error on Windows 10, then connect with Toshiba Customer Support immediately. Backed by a team of professional, we take care of all Toshiba issues through our 24*7 supports. Whether the error is casual or complex, our support team handles them all with efficacy. So whenever you face any such annoying Toshiba issues, we are just a call away.