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Troubleshoot Toshiba External Hard Drive Not Working Error
How to Troubleshoot Toshiba External Hard Drive Not Working Error?

Can you not stand losing of a bunch of saved data in your external hard drive? If your Toshiba external hard drive constantly goes undetectable, then it is the time to take the situation under concern. Whenever a similar situation comes in, there are some tips to Troubleshoot Toshiba External Hard Drive not Working Error.

  • No matter what brand you are using, you can connect the external hard drive with a new USB port to check whether it works or not.
  • Check whether the hard drive is physically impaired or not.

For physically damages hard drives, there are very little that you can do except take it to the repair center.

Effective Solutions to Fix Toshiba External Hard Drive Not Working Error Up Easily:

But if there is no physical damage but still the hard drive goes undetected, try the following solutions to get your Toshiba external drive fixed without any data loss.

Solution 1: When the Toshiba Hard Drive is Not Working

Fix 1: Check USB Hub Power Management

  • First, click on Start button followed by typing ‘devmgmt.msc’ command.
  • Press the Enter button to open ‘Device Manager’.
  • Expand the ‘Universal Serial Bus controllers’ and thus right click on the ‘USB Root Hub’.
  • Choose ‘Properties’ and then navigate to ‘Power Management’.
  • Uncheck the ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’ checkbox.

If these steps do not work, track down to the Fix 2.

Fix 2: Reboot Your System into Safe Mode

Rebooting your system will point out where the exact problem is.

  • Navigate to Settings followed by clicking on Update and Security.
  • Open Recovery option to choose Advanced Startup.
  • Click on Restart Now to boot into another Startup settings screen.
  • When the system starts, press F4 to boot into Safe Mode.
  • As soon as you enter into Safe Mode, check whether the external hard drive is detected or not.

There is nothing to worry about if the external device is not identified by the system. There are lots of other solutions that you can try to make the device working again.

Solution 2: Fix up Internal Errors by Running Disk Check.

If you are having Hard Disk Drive Not Working Issue, run disk check up to fix and repair internal errors. Try out the following options to fix the error up:

Option 1: 3 Steps to Resolve External Hard Drive not Working Error with Partition Manager Freeware

  • First, you need to launch EaseUS Partition Master Free.
  • Click on Check Partition to have a look on the partition that you want to check.
  • Click on Ok and let the EaseUS Partition Master check the hard drive disk partition problems and repair them automatically.
  • Finish the process by clicking on Ok.

Option 2: Run CMD to Fix Toshiba External Hard Drive not Working Error

  • First, you need to press the Windows and the R button together to generate run dialog box.
  • When the Run dialog box opens up, type cmd and thus press Enter button to open Command Prompt.
  • Now type ‘chkdsk /f c:’ to run the disk checkup process by hitting the Enter button.
  • When the disk checkup finishes, type Exit command to exit the command prompt.

Check whether these options have worked or not and then proceed further.

Solution 3: Install and Uninstall Toshiba Hard Drive Drivers

  • Type devmgmt.msc and then press Enter after clicking on the Start button.
  • When the Device Manager opens up, Expand Universal Serial Universal Serial Bus controllers.
  • Now click on Uninstall to uninstall every USB device found there.

Check whether the Toshiba hard drive is unrecognized by the system or not:

  • If it is unrecognize, click on drivers tab and thus delete or uninstall the driver.
  • Now check whether you can find the external hard drive in My Computer or My PC or not.
  • If the hard drive does not show up there, you need to reboot or restart your PC.
  • If it appears and disappears again, follow these above steps and thus navigate to Disk Management.
  • From there, change the drive letter of your external Toshiba hard drive.
  • Connect it with the system again and let the system detect it again.

Get Rid of Toshiba Device Related Technical Glitches with Our One Stop Solution:

Whenever and wherever your device stops working and shows errors like Toshiba external hard disk not detected, get back to our professionals now. Our elaborated guidance and approach will make troubleshooting easier and handy. Whether the problem is Toshiba external device related or internal related, our Toshiba Customer Support takes care of all.

Troubleshoot Sound Problems With Toshiba Laptops
How to Troubleshoot Sound Problems With Toshiba Laptops?

Toshiba offers a wide range of laptops with advanced features and high-end specifications to meet the varying requirements of users across the globe. Since its launch, Toshiba has grabbed users attention by manufacturing competitive products with cutting-edge technologies and quality. With time, any electrical equipment is prone to system breakdown followed by other technical issues. One of the most common issues encountered by users includes sound problems with Toshiba laptops. If you are having difficulty in resolving the issues on your own, immediately seek our expert assistance to Troubleshoot sound problems with Toshiba Laptops with best support solutions.

Troubleshoot Sound Problems With Toshiba Laptops

If you are having trouble with the audio quality on your Toshiba laptop, you need to take care of few things before searching for an expert assistance.

Quick steps to troubleshoot typical sound errors on Toshiba laptops:

  • At first, open the sound panel in Windows. Double click on the round icon that is located in the lower right-hand corner.
  • Next, Increase the volume and ensure that the Mute box is unchecked. Check the sound quality and see if it’s working properly.
  • Click on ‘Control Panel’ and double click on ‘Hardware’. Right-click on the “Audio Codecs and then click on “Properties”. If it’s working properly, it will display a message or else you need to contact our support team for immediate assistance.
  • Finally, plug your headphones into the jack and test the audio quality.

Have you tried the above steps to fix the sound error? Still facing the issue? connect with us for additional support. We will assist you in troubleshooting the problems by our skilled professionals.

Get in touch with us through our helpline number:

Are you in search of a trusted support provider at your convenience? Avail our reliable solutions to Troubleshoot sound problems with Toshiba Laptops by our skilled and efficient professionals at Toshiba Helpline Number +1-844-200-2814. They are available 24*7 and strives to deliver best results within the shortest possible time.


Replace the Sound Card in Toshiba Laptops
How to Replace the Sound Card in Toshiba Laptops?

Toshiba laptops are a center of attraction for smooth technology users. With cutting-edge technology and diversified offerings, Toshiba laptops have set a benchmark among its competitors. Unlike any other reputed brands, Toshiba laptops have an integrated and onboard sound card. When users face difficulty to Replace the sound card in Toshiba Laptops and require immediate assistance to solve the issue.

While Toshiba Satellite laptops comprise high-end components, they aren’t exactly perfect. One of the most common issues involves the sound card error.  The card simply stops working and not even the system sounds will play through the speakers or the headphones.

Replace the Sound Card in Toshiba Laptops

Quick guidelines to replace the sound card in Toshiba Laptops:

  • At first, you need to purchase an express sound card and read your computer manual to see the type of slot that your computer has. In case you don’t have the laptop manual, you can download it from the website.
  • Next, you need to locate the express card on the side of your computer and press the eject button located next to the plastic cover to confirm its ejection.
  • Then you need to pull the plastic cover and replace it with your sound card. Place the plastic cover somewhere so that you don’t find it difficult when you remove the sound card.
  • Wait for the appropriate results from your system. As soon as the driver gets automatically detected, insert the CD driver that came with the sound card into the CD-ROM.

Have you tried the above steps to replace your sound card? Are you unable to do it on your own? No need to worry. We are there to help you.

Grab 24*7 Toshiba Recovery Helpline Number:

Worried about How to Replace the sound card in Toshiba Laptops? Searching for a reliable service provider to assist you with your sound card errors? Connect with our team of executives at Toshiba Helpline Number +1-844-200-2814 to get your queries resolved instantly.

How to Turn Off a Toshiba Satellite Light?

Laptops come in handy with a wide range of advanced features and specifications. Toshiba Satellite laptop deserves a special mention in this regard. Toshiba is a well-recognized brand and has grabbed user attention by offering eye-catching features. Unlike others, the company manufacture laptops that possess distinctive features including the back-light LED.

However, at times you might want to turn off some of these lights. It may happen that you face difficulty, especially, when it comes to turning off the backlight LEDs. If you are unable to Turn off a Toshiba Satellite light, seek our expert help to resolve the queries with ease.

Toshiba offers a wide range of excellent quality laptops with the Best LED components as signal indicators. But, you may sometimes encounter a severe issue with this backlight. You can see that the front lights of your Toshiba Satellite laptop are creating a disturbance. Those lights indicate and control different activities like Adapter, Power, and WiFi Connection respectively. However, if you facing turn off satellite error, connect with our Toshiba Technical Team.

Are you unable to turn off the lights of your Toshiba Satellite? Tried several times but can’t come up with a suitable solution? The process might be a bit difficult for you but with the help of a few buttons, this can be done easily without any difficulty. Get your hands on the steps to turn off the lights of your Toshiba device instantly.

What Are The Consequences Of The Turn Off Satellite Error?

Sometimes, you may see that the power indicator light is blinking while you’re working on your Toshiba laptop. Moreover, it keeps on even after turning your laptop off. Again, when you press th Power Button, your laptop won’t start.

Also, the charger indicator behaves adversely. Within 1-2 minutes of charging, your adapter light becomes white, and your device shows 100% charge. But, within a couple of minutes, the charge drops drastically and the device shuts down. Thus, this problem is related to your adapter.

Again, you may also encounter a keyboard backlight problem. The keyboard LED helps to make the keys clearly visible in a dark environment. But, suddenly, if you see that the backlight is blinking or turning off, consult with our experts. At the same time, hardware issue also causes the turn off satellite error.

Turn Off a Toshiba Satellite Light

Steps to Turn Off a Toshiba Satellite Light:

  • At first, you need to press the “Fn” button on your device which is located in the bottom left corner of the keyboard.
  • Next, you need to click the button that appears on the right side of your screen.
  • Then click on the “HW Set Up” button and there you will find a system menu appearing on your screen.
  • You need to click on the “Illumination” tab.
  • Next, click on the “Off” radio button that will help to turn off the illumination on your device.

In spite of trying the above steps if still the problem persists, avail our expert assistance to resolve the matter with ease.

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Alternate Troubleshooting Toshiba Satellite Error Is Easier With Our Help

To remove the error, first, locate the affected area. If you notice your keyboard backlight issue, press Function (Fn) + Z key for turning on/off the backlight. On the other hand, for resolving power or adapter issue, you may turn off your Toshiba device and switch on once again.

If you can’t solve Toshiba Satellite Error, there are other solutions for you.

Method 1:

  • Remove Power Cord and all the external devices
  • Now, hold Power Button for 15-20 seconds for turning off. Before, Make sure that you close all of your running apps and save the data.
  • Again, Press Power Button for another 1-2 seconds and check your Issue goes away or not.

Method 2:

  • Click on Start Button and select All Programs from the menu lists. Now, go to the Utilities Section from Toshiba.
  • You will get another menu, select HWSetup for setting hardware settings. Click on that app.
  • Click on the Illumination Tab from the Hardware setup App. Now, open the Illumination properties Window.
  • Finally, click OFF for turning off your keyboard backlight.

If you are still struggling with Toshiba Satellite Light Error, get in touch with us for genuine and quick support. We will respond immediately

Dial +1-844-200-2814 Toshiba Customer Service Number for 24*7 Customer Supports:

End your worries regarding the issue to Turn off a Toshiba Satellite light by availing our trusted support at Toshiba Helpline +1-844-200-2814. Resolve complex issues with the help of our skilled and trained professionals in no time. It is not possible to troubleshoot specific problems on your own and you immediately need an expert hand to resolve the issue.

We provide excellent support to our customer in regards to Toshiba laptops 24*7. We get back to you as soon as possible because your time is important to us. Moreover, our Toshiba laptop Support Team is expert enough to provide a permanent solution within a short span of time. So, if you are unable to fix the Turn off satellite error, don’t wait, call or email us.

Furthermore, we help you at a reasonable rate. So, you can reach us without any hesitation.

You may call us to know how to turn off A Toshiba Satellite Light. Our Technical Team will contact you as soon as possible.

You can drop an email at our Toshiba Support Id. Our IT Expert will give a stable solution through quick response.

Our Live Chat option is also available for providing you instant support. So, connect with us for quick solutions.

Access the BIOS of a Toshiba Satellite
How to Access the BIOS of a Toshiba Satellite?

Toshiba offers a wide variety of laptops under its umbrella brand “Satellite”. Toshiba Satellite includes a line of customized notebook computers with a diversified range of models within the Satellite family. With its high-end specifications and user-friendly interface, it allows users to perform complex tasks within the shortest time span. Unlike any other computers, Toshiba Satellite provides you with two options for accessing BIOS. If you are unable to Access the BIOS of a Toshiba Satellite, immediately avail our expert guidance.

Access the BIOS of a Toshiba Satellite

Quick hacks to troubleshoot BIOS issues instantly:

  • At first, you need to turn on your Toshiba Satellite laptop.
  • Next, you need to press the “Esc” key as soon as the red Toshiba logo appears on your screen.
  • Then press “F1” or “F2” as displayed on the screen to enter the BIOS setup. This will take hardly few seconds before the BIOS menu appears.
  • After completing the necessary steps, you need to press the key “F10” on your keyboard to leave BIOS. You will notice that the laptop will automatically resume booting.

Have you tried the above steps already? Still can’t find a solution to resolve your issues? There is another way to fix your BIOS problems by using Toshiba Hardware Setup.

  • At first, you need to log into an administrative account in Windows.
  • Next, you need to click the Windows “Start” button and open “All Programs”.
  • Then open the folder in “Toshiba” and click on “Utilities”.
  • Next, you need to click “HW Set Up” to open the Toshiba Hardware Set Up window.
  • Finally, select a tab to modify the respective BIOS settings.

Avail our instant support at your doorstep:

Don’t panic if you are unable to Access the BIOS of a Toshiba Satellite on your own. Get in touch with us at our Toshiba Helpline Number +1-844-200-2814 and avail best support solutions at your convenience. Connect with us immediately at our Toshiba helpline number to avail quality support services at your doorstep.

Activate Bluetooth on a Toshiba
How to Activate Bluetooth on a Toshiba?

Almost every standard electronic gadget have one thing in common a handy Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth is celebrated for its universal acceptance, free of cost using and easy operation. Once you figure out How to Activate Bluetooth on a Toshiba, you can connect a wireless mouse, keyboard, speaker, transfer files from/to your phone, operate multiple devices with a single laptop. Since wireless technology is expanding, and Wifi connection involves internet charges and not all the gadgets are yet wifi enabled, Bluetooth is our best option.

In this page, we have elaborated steps to connect any external devices with your Toshiba laptop using the Bluetooth connection. If you facing any error while following these steps, you can always contact our experts for help.

Activate Bluetooth on a Toshiba

Steps to Activate Bluetooth on Toshiba:

  1. Open windows. Turn on the Bluetooth discovery of your device, such as mobile or speaker or keyboard, etc. Hold the device in a close distance to your laptop.
  2. Proceed with the following options in your laptop: Start> Control Panel> Devices and printers> add a device.
  3. Give your computer time to locate nearby Bluetooth devices
  4. Once the name of your desired device displays on the laptop’s nearby devices list, click on it.
  5. Toshiba laptop will start to pair with your device. Click “next” and there will be an 8-digit security code.
  6. Type the same code in your Bluetooth device. You will receive the message, “the device has been successfully added.” Thus the process will be complete.

Grab 24*7 Toshiba Helpline Number +1-844-200-2814 :

Sometimes the laptop might fail to locate your device when you have to retry the search. However, if you don’t get results, call us at our toll-free Toshiba customer support number and talk to our helping executives directly. We also provide real-time repair services where we send our executives to diagnose and repair your device right at your home.

How to Restore a Toshiba L305?

Toshiba L305 is well known for its unusual configuration and advanced technology implementation. However, it isn’t free from glitches. Thus, problems like the laptop not responding or freezing tabs are quite common. That is when the factory reset Windows 7 is absolutely necessary.

This error code doesn’t let you impart a fresh look to your system. Also, you can’t recover your previous settings just like it was when you bought it. Restore a Toshiba L305 is quite easy but if you are not tech-savvy, then this might be a problem for you. Get in touch with us for quick solutions or follow the steps mentioned here.

Toshiba Satellite L305 is a beautifully-finished, exclusive, high-performance laptop. Toshiba has changed the factory reset procedure of machines under L305. Accordingly, Resetting a computer into factory settings will let you erase all the existing files and applications of your computer and return it to an out-of-box state. In this particular device, you cannot reset your system directly from the Operating system. Accordingly, Wondering How to Restore a Toshiba L305? You have to start your computer in the procedure we have mentioned below. If you face any problem, or if you don’t know how to save your data, contact our experts at our toll-free number.

Glitches You May Face While You Restore A Toshiba L305

At times, Toshiba laptop users complete factory reset successfully. But, after 1-2 days, they see that nothing has changed. Only some of the apps, files, folders, etc. are deleted but your device still shows the previous Windows version. If you also face this kind of situation, contact us as soon as possible.

Again, you may face a serious issue while opening your Toshiba computer after resetting. No matter what you try, the computer won’t turn on. Furthermore, you may see only a blank black screen and a loading icon.

You can have a word with our support executives to perform the factory reset Windows 7 successfully. Also, here are some of the easy solutions to help you out.



Restore a Toshiba L305

Why should you reset your Toshiba L305 laptop:

When your computer goes through some major malfunctioning, you must reset your computer. Such situations might include, your device getting heavily affected by a virus, serious hardware problem, operating system damage, excessive freezing problem, and slow performance, etc. If you want to have your computer renewed from the old junks, you can try a factory reset.

Steps to Restore Toshiba L305:

  1. Turn off your laptop
  2. Press and hold the “0” button until the screen shows “Toshiba Recovery Wizard” window.
  3. Click on “Recovery of Factory Default software”
  4. Choose “Recover to out-of-box” state.
  5. Proceed with “next” button and press any key once you are asked. This will restart your computer.
  6. Don’t interrupt the process until it Finishes, otherwise, it will cause serious damage to your computer.

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Alternate Fixing Factory Resetting Issue In Windows 7 In A Short Span Of Time

First of all, uninstall your OS and reinstall your Device. You may use a Flash Drive as a secure recovery Drive. Then follow the tips below.

Solution 1:

With CD/DVD/Flash Drive Installation

  • Turn on Your Toshiba computer or laptop and insert CD/DVD for restoring.
  • Press F8 Before Windows Logo is shown on your screen. Now, Select Repair Option through the keyboard.
  • Now, enter Administrator Login Id and Password in Administrator Account.
  • After that, wait until the completion of the full repair process.
  • Finally, restart your system and check if you can restore the default settings of your laptop. If it can’t, use the other one.

Using CD/DVD

  • Switch on your Laptop and Press F8. Now, choose Repair in Safe Mode.
  • System recovery Windows will appear. Then select Repair Option and wait up to finish the process.
  • Finally, restart your system.

If you are still struggling with the Windows 7 Factory resetting issue, get in touch with us. We promise you to give a permanent solution through the call, chat or email support.

Dial +1-844-200-2814 Toshiba Customer Service Number for 24*7 Customer Supports:

Our Toshiba laptop Support service is now always available for our customers. We open our services for 24*7 for helping you with an ideal support. So our Tech Support team always delivers their 100% support at an inexpensive rate.

Moreover, our aim is to provide you with the best solution to help you get rid of the technical issues with ease. Toshiba Technical Team is smart enough to trace the defect and resolve the Factory Reset Windows 7 error. So, don’t be disappointed if you are encountering issues with Factory Reset Windows 7.

You may call us at our Customer Service Helpdesk. We will help you as soon as possible.

You can drop an email and get an easy solution from our IT Support Team. Our Mailing Address is.

Now, you can also chat live with us for an instant support from our Toshiba IT Experts.

Toshiba Touchpad Won't Scroll
How to fix Toshiba Touchpad Won’t Scroll?

The laptop touchpad is not able to scroll the screen because it has become dysfunctional. Your Toshiba touchpad can become dysfunctional for a lot of reasons, but there is a particular solution for each of them. You don’t need to stay distressed for such a minor issue any longer. Your search for My Toshiba Touchpad Won’t Scroll ends with us.

If the error is caused by the common operating system or software issues, it can be easily resolved by the simple troubleshooting issues given on this page. You only need to strictly abide by the instructions given by our experts, and the solution is guaranteed. If your problems are still not resolved, it means you require experts guidance.

 Toshiba Touchpad Won't Scroll


Consult our repair services ASAP and take their help to have your defected touchpad sorted.

Easy tips to troubleshoot Toshiba laptop Touchpad:

  • Check the operating system: The problem might be caused by the entire Operating system getting frozen and that’s why it’s not taking commands. Try pressing the number lock or caps lock key and see if the lights turn on. If the lights turn on, the problem does not concern the OS. But if it doesn’t, then restart your computer and check if touchpad works now.
  • Turn on the Touchpad: some laptops have special keys to turn on/off the functions of a Touchpad, such as Fn key + any Functions key. If your laptop has this feature, try to check if that resolves your problem.
  • Interruption by External devices: Some USB or PS/2 disable touchpad once they are entered into the computer. Remove any external devices from your laptop and see if the touchpad is stable again.

Reach us for convenient Support Services:

There are several other troubleshooting measures and software configuration changes that you can perform to get your touchpad scroll perfectly. To know more, call our Toll-free +1-844-200-2814. If your problem is critical enough then we can also provide you with affordable repair services. Call our Toshiba helpline number immediately!

How can I Get a Disc to Eject From a Toshiba Satellite Laptop?

If you are a movie fan or music is your passion, you probably can’t stay without using the disc drive for a day. Toshiba Satellite Laptop has a multi-purpose disc player that can play CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and all forms of music or movies. It can also use to copy or burn discs. If the disc drive is jammed you cannot close the driver or eject the drive at all. But, once you have arrived at our website, you don’t need to worry about How can I Get a Disc to Eject From a Toshiba Satellite Laptop?”

We have put together all the solutions to your problem in this write-up. Try our easy solutions and your drive will start working perfectly like before. You can contact us directly and ask our executives to help you with live directions.

Get a Disc to Eject From a Toshiba Satellite Laptop

Steps to Troubleshoot Get a Disc to Eject From a Toshiba Satellite Laptop:

  1. Take a regular paper clip and bend it into a straight line. It will look like a narrow stick
  2. There must be a hole in your laptop disc drive which is to act as a forced-ejection tool. It looks like the same tiny hole used in most of the smartphones these days to eject the sim cardholders.
  3. Push the pointed end of the paper clip inside the hole.
  4. Hold it and force it until the disc drive pops open.

Contact us to get detailed solutions for your Toshiba Satellite Laptop:

We have told you about a very easy DIY troubleshoot method to Get a Disc to Eject From a Toshiba Satellite Laptop. If you have any other issue, or you are still unable to resolve your problem, you can contact us and talk to our experts at our toll-free helpline number. We are always available to help you.

Fix Toshiba Satellite Keyboard Problems
How to fix Toshiba Satellite Keyboard Problems?

Toshiba Satellite laptops are one of the earliest notebook series that had competed with IBM ThinkPad since the 1990s. Satellite series varies to a great extent from entry-level budget laptops to full-fledged high-class notebooks. Satellite is one of the popular laptop series, even after that, Fix Toshiba Satellite Keyboard Problems has been reported to us by several customers.

If you are looking for the page where you can take help about troubleshooting all your keyboard problems, you have come to the right place. We offer you essential tips for each of your keyboard errors, along with a toll-free helpline number where you can call asking for any further help.

Fix Toshiba Satellite Keyboard Problems

Ways to Troubleshoot Satellite Keyboard:

  • Unable to register Wireless keyboard input: The problem is caused by an insufficiency in the BIOS setup in a few models. You need to update your BIOS to 1.40 version which has been successful in fixing this bug or downloads BIOS Flash program from Toshiba official website.
  • Identifying the error: For occasional minor concerns about keyboards, you should try these tips. Restart your computer; press and hold the F1 key till BIOS screen appears. If your keyboard works then the problem is with your operating system or concerned software. If it doesn’t, try to work adding an external keyboard.
  • Any particular key(s) not taking input: When specific keys start to malfunction, there can be some foreign particle underneath the key which is blocking the key. Do Not eat when your laptop is open because you might spill drinks or food crumbs might go inside the keyholes. Try to keep your keyboard clean by clearing the dust upon it.

To Know More, Give Us a Call at Toll-Free +1-844-200-2814:

If you have any other type of error in your Satellite keyboard, call our experts at once. We can advise you more effective troubleshooting measures to solve your issue quickly. You can ask for solutions for all your technical problems by calling Toshiba Satellite helpline number, emails, or live chat support. Don’t hesitate to call us now!