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Check the Status of a Battery in a Toshiba Laptop
How to Check the Status of a Battery in a Toshiba Laptop?

The battery in a Toshiba laptop is a delicate component which allows your device to be portable. On a regular basis, we use our laptop for various purposes. You might encounter glitches if the battery is not charging properly. So you need to Check the Status of a Battery in a Toshiba Laptop time-to-time. You should keep a track of the status of your battery by checking its Health Monitor, an application in your Toshiba laptop. It allows the users to monitor the specific hardware that they want to track.

Check the Status of a Battery in a Toshiba Laptop

Customized solutions to check the status of Toshiba laptop battery:

You can easily monitor the battery of your Toshiba laptop through using the taskbar of your device. The battery life of your device varies according to your power settings such as CPU or screen brightness etc. That’s why you need to use Toshiba power saver utility to manage the power settings for having a flawless battery life. To get a long-lasting battery life, follow these simple steps to monitor your battery status:

  • If you are using Windows XP or Vista, right click on the blank spot on your taskbar and then click on the ‘double arrows’ option.
  • After that select ‘Properties’ and ‘Taskbar’ option.
  • Then choose ‘Customize’ option and find the icon of your Toshiba battery. Make it clear that this icon should be available in the notification area. So you need to select ‘Always show’ option.
  • Again click on ‘Ok’ option on the next box to close your dialogue box and save the settings.
  • Now you can check your Toshiba laptop battery status at any time you need.

Through maintaining these steps, your Toshiba laptop battery can easily be monitored without facing any further complication.

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If you need any assistance regarding the battery status in your Toshiba laptop, feel free to call at Toshiba Helpline Number +1-844-200-2814. Avail our expert guidance to troubleshoot your issue instantly. You can reach us through our various service options. If our services are beneficial to you, don’t forget to share your views with us. Your feedback is essential for us because it motivates us to provide you with better services.

Download a Recovery Disc for My Toshiba Laptop
How Do I Download a Recovery Disc for My Toshiba Laptop?

Are you looking for help to download a Toshiba recovery disc? Now it has become a common question how to Download a Recovery Disc for Toshiba Laptop. It can be possible that your Toshiba recovery disc has been already damaged and so you need to replace it immediately. A recovery disc is a CD which will help you to reinstall Windows to boot your laptop properly.

Download a Recovery Disc for My Toshiba Laptop

How to download Toshiba laptop recovery disc:

You need to download ‘Easy Recovery Essential’ if the recovery partition of your Toshiba laptop has been damaged. This app is compatible with these Windows versions such as Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows XP. You can easily burn this Easy Recovery essential to a USB, CD or DVD and use the automated repair option to fix the boot errors. So that you can use the disk or flash drive to restore the device drivers to your Toshiba laptop.

Toshiba Recovery Wizard software offers you several options to recover your device. Some of them are given below:

  1. Recovery of factory default software
  2. Recover to a custom size partition
  3. Recover without changing the hard drive partitions

Toshiba laptops with Windows XP come with recovery partition rather than a recovery disk. Still, You can create this recovery disk to avoid further complications through using Recovery Disc Creator software. It is important to get an original setup disk for your Windows version. You always need a COA keycode to activate Windows installation on your laptop. In the same way, you need an authentic setup disc and key code for the reinstallation of Windows. Accordingly, If you don’t have the correct drivers, Windows automatically loads drivers for your gadget. If it would be difficult for you to download a recovery disc for your Toshiba laptop, avail our expert guidance to solve the issue.

Grab 24*7 Toshiba Recovery Helpline Number :

If you are searching for Toshiba tech support, then you are in the right place. You can easily get instant solutions for your troubling issues. Just make a call at Toshiba Toll-Free +1-844-200-2814. We are ready to provide you necessary help.

How to Replace the CMOS in a Toshiba Satellite Laptop?

Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor is commonly known as CMOS. It is a semiconductor chip which uses for storing BIOS settings on your device. If your device is losing its data settings or you are constantly receiving CMOS error messages, you need to Replace the CMOS in a Toshiba satellite laptop immediately.



Replace the CMOS in a Toshiba Satellite Laptop


How to Troubleshoot CMOS issues?

Whenever you face errors during booting your laptop or other issues that you can’t resolve by yourself, then you should try to reset the entire CMOS settings to a default setting. Some errors and their probable solutions are below:

  • Reset configuration data: You might face troubles if the default setting of your satellite laptop doesn’t work or you can’t solve the issue by yourself. You need to reset the configuration data of your device without further delay.
  • Reset defaults: You have to reset the BIOS or CMOS settings to your Toshiba satellite laptop by following some simple steps. At first, you need to enter CMOS setup to reset the default values. Once they have been set, you should click on ‘Save’ and ‘Exit’ options to complete the entire process of resetting.
  • Motherboard manufacturer support sites: While you need to consult the documentation for the motherboard. You need to find the links of your motherboard manufacturers.
  • Reset CMOS: If you can’t fix CMOS issues, it’s better to remove your CMOS battery. Then you have to wait for 5 minutes after removing it and again you need to put it back into the motherboard.

All these steps should be undertaken to avoid further complications. If you can’t solve the problem by yourself, don’t take too much time to resolve it. We are always ready to help you out in your crisis.

Grab 24*7 Toshiba Recovery Helpline Number :

Are you encountering weird warnings after resetting CMOS battery?  CMOS failure! If you are looking for help to troubleshoot the CMOS issues on your Toshiba satellite laptop. Reach for help at our service center without wasting much time. Pick up the phone and dial our  Toshiba Toll-Free +1-844-200-2814.

Reset All the Passwords on a Toshiba Laptop
How to Reset All the Passwords on a Toshiba Laptop?

Are you facing problems to reset the password on your Toshiba laptop? If you are facing problems to Reset all the passwords on a Toshiba Laptop, get our expert support to resolve annoying issues without facing trouble. You are not the only person to forget his password. There are several ways to reset your password once again. If you are unable to fix your issues, we are there to help you out.

Reset All the Passwords on a Toshiba Laptop

Common tips to troubleshoot your password issues:

You might encounter some serious issues whenever you try to reset the passwords on your Toshiba laptop. Therefore, we have made a list of reset issues and their probable solutions.

  • Boot from USB on your locked laptop: At first you need to select the flash drive to insert it on your device. You can choose ‘Delete’ option or to get into BIOS settings. You have to save it and reboot your device. After completion of the steps, you will be unable to reset your password.
  • Recover your lost password: At first, you have to choose the operating system and the main administrator username to recover your password. After that, you need to click on ‘Reset Password’ and then reboot your laptop. Without following this process, you will be unable to access your own device.
  • Insert CD or USB: You can also create a password reset disk with your USB drive. Then you are free to choose your USB flash drive name from the drop-down menu or you can use a DVD or CD. In this way, you can reset all passwords on your device. If you are still facing same issues, avail expert guidance to avoid such errors.
  • Set the passwords: Generally, there are three types of passwords such as BIOS password, Supervisor password, and Windows password. You can’t remove BIOS and Supervisor passwords easily and you can only do that with the help of Toshiba Authorized Service Provider. Only Windows passwords can be removed easily by pressing the Esc key.

Dial our customer care number for any help:

It is our responsibility to sort your issue immediately with the help of our reliable service. Whenever you face any error with your password resetting, feel free to call at Toshiba Toll-Free +1-844-200-2814 at any time. Don’t delay to avail our services and troubleshoot your issues with the best support providers in town. Our efficient team members know how to solve your problems with extreme care and provide 100% guarantee to ease your mind.

Disable the Touchpad on a Toshiba Laptop
How to Disable the Touchpad on a Toshiba Laptop?

Toshiba is a Japanese multinational company that excels in manufacturing diversified products and services. Laptops are one of its essential innovations. These laptops are manufactured by using unique technology which offers high-end components, style, and functionality. It also uses sophisticated touchpads that allow users to detect minute swipes with high accuracy. But, often unexpected touch results in errors which are quite frustrating. Accordingly, To get rid of such errors you can disable the touchpad with the multiple options that are available on the laptop.

Still, If you are thinking about how to Disable the Touchpad on a Toshiba laptop,  the best solution is to choose the most reliable support services and get your queries sorted.

Disable the Touchpad on a Toshiba Laptop

How to Disable the Touchpad on a Toshiba Laptop:

To avoid unwanted typing errors with input touch, sometimes you need to disable the touchpad. There are various options through which you can disable the touchpad quickly. Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Using the function key: At the bottom row of your Toshiba laptops keyboard, look for the function key. Press the function and F9 key together. Accordingly, Now check and confirm that whether the touchpad is turn off or not.
  2. Using the BIOS settings: Start pressing F2 immediately after you turn on your laptop. With laptop’s keyboard highlight the advanced tab in the BIOS settings. Select the system configuration option from the list. Now find the internal pointing device line. Change the enable option to disable and press escape to return to the BIOS menu. Choose Save changes and exit option.

Interact with our experts for best-proven solutions:

Our experts offer you the best possible solutions for your Toshiba laptop problems. Dial our Toll-Free +1-844-200-2814 and get rid of your Toshiba problems. Our tech-experts are always enthusiastic to cater to you at the time of your needs. You can enlist your concern and email us. Still, People across the globe are availing our services with sheer satisfaction. Opt for our services and experience the difference.

Enable the Wireless on a Toshiba Laptop
How to Enable the Wireless on a Toshiba Laptop?

Laptops are considered to be highly portable for both, business and domestic use. If you are away from your office, you can still continue your work by enabling wireless connection on your laptop. Usually, you find your wireless connection switch on the downside of the modern laptops with slimline designs. But if your laptop has an exterior wireless connection switch, you can find it on the casing edge at the front of the laptop. In case, you are unable to connect wireless connection to your Toshiba laptops, contact our professionals to Enable the wireless on a Toshiba Laptop.

 If you are using a Toshiba laptop and you failed to enable Wifi connections on your laptop, connect with our technical team by dialing our toll-free number for further assistance. Another tip to easily connect your Toshiba laptops to a wireless network is via. Either Windows Operating system or the laptop’s hardware.

Enable the Wireless on a Toshiba Laptop

Approaches that you should take to enable wireless connection:

⦁  On your laptop, first look at the keyboard options. Then, see a button which looks like a small antenna. The button placement might vary on each device. You can have a dedicated button or it might be located at an alternate function on one of the keys which need to be clicked to enable Wifi

⦁  Now you need to click on the Windows “Start” button and move to the Control Panel. Then you should click on “Network and Sharing” or “Network Connections,” based on your version of Windows

⦁  Once the “Network Connections” window opens, you should right-click on your wireless connection icon. Select “Enable” option and left click on that option with your mouse. Now you can wait for the wireless connection to enable.

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Get instant response for solving your issues in real time from us. Contact us by calling at our toll-free Toshiba laptop customer support number and avail our premium quality services. We are happy to provide assistance to our customers. Feel free to avail our Live Interaction support and chat with our professionals to get solutions online. You can reach us any time to avail our remote services.

Connect My Toshiba Laptop to My TV
How to Connect My Toshiba Laptop to My TV?

You can easily connect your Toshiba laptops to your TV as long as your video card is able to handle multiple displays. Though the process is fairly easy, if you attach any of the wrong cables to the video ports of your TV or if there is any misconfiguration in the settings of the Windows, you won’t be able to connect. Wondering about how to Connect my Toshiba Laptop to my TV?

You can easily connect your Toshiba laptops to your TV through VGA or HDMI cables by plugging these into the back of your TV. You can also try it through wireless streaming methods by using Apple TV or Chromecast. Our experienced professionals will provide you with some basic troubleshooting methods to connect the Toshiba laptops to your TV.

Connect My Toshiba Laptop to My TV

A step-by-step guide to connecting Toshiba laptops to your TV:

  • You should check your TV to find out the connections which it supports. Usually, TVs come with VGA, RCA or HDMI slots. HDTVs are often equipped with HDMI slots, but older TVs used RCA. DVI uses 24 pins, HDMI uses 19 pins, VGA uses 15 pin plugs.
  • You need to check the docking station on your Toshiba laptop to verify what sort of video connectors and if they are available. Most of the Toshiba laptops have either a DVI or VGA connector. If your laptop uses a different connection from what your TV uses, you are required to attach a converter to one end of the video cable
  • Shut down your TV. Now connect single end of the cable to the video adapter of your Toshiba laptop and another end to the appropriate slot on your TV
  • Now you can turn on your TV. After that, simultaneously press the “Windows” and the “D” key to return to the desktop. Choose “Personalization” option by right-clicking on the desktop.

Reach us for convenient support services:

If you require instant support for this error, reach us by calling at our toll-free Toshiba laptop customer support number and get assistance for relevant issues. Our services are user-friendly and can help you resolve the issues instantly. Our experts immediately attend to your call and deliver the most appropriate solutions for the issues.

Switch to HDMI on a Toshiba Laptop
How to Switch to HDMI on a Toshiba Laptop?

Within the past couple of years, there has been a significant redesign of laptop computers in the digital era. These have started including the digital High Definition Media Interface (HDMI) connectors in the place of older analog VGA connectors for external monitor connectivity. If you are unable to Switch to HDMI on a Toshiba Laptop, take help from our skilled professionals to solve this issue.

HDMI is a purely digital connection, which allows for both high-definition audio and video stream over a single cable. You can send the audio and video signals to HDMI by switching to the HDMI connectors on a Toshiba laptop. If you are an inexperienced user, you can try to switch to HDMI by following the basic troubleshooting steps.

Switch to HDMI on a Toshiba Laptop

Instructions for switching to HDMI on Toshiba laptops:

⦁    At first, you need to connect one end of an HDMI cable to a display device like a TV or a projector

⦁    Now power on the display device and select the proper input from the options. For instance, many LED TV sets have more than two HDMI inputs and you need to select              the correct input with the remote control

⦁    After that, you have to connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port of the Toshiba laptop. The HDMI ports feature 19 tiny pin connectors are they are                    trapezoidal in shape

⦁    At last, you need to hold the Windows logo key on the Toshiba keyboard and tap the “P” key four times. Then, you should release the Windows logo key and the display will        be switched from Toshiba laptop screen to the high definition media interface connectors.

Grab 24*7 Toshiba Recovery Helpline Number :

Talk to our experienced professionals by dialing our Toll-free +1-844-200-2814 and get solutions instantly. We can help you with almost all the issues that you are facing in switching to HDMI within just a flicker of time. We are available 24/7 to assist you in troubleshooting the issues instantly. Trust our services for getting proper and appropriate solutions. You can call us any time of the day at our Toll-free +1-844-200-2814 and avail our service.

Repair a Toshiba Laptop Lid Close Switch
How to Repair a Toshiba Laptop Lid Close Switch?

Some older models of Toshiba laptops use mechanical switches which are to be operated using a retractable pin. Accordingly, A single jammed switch might result in the dark screen of the laptop when the lid is open. If the pin is broken down, it needs a repair. Some newer models use magnetic switches. If you are having any issues with your switches or pins, you can get in touch with us anytime by calling us at our number to Repair a Toshiba laptop lid close switch.

If the lid switch of the Toshiba laptop fails, it will not turn the display off. You can temporarily find a way to stay on the display of the laptop or else you can connect it to an external monitor. To do this, you need to go into the power settings in the Control Panel. After that, you need to find the settings for your laptop when the lid is closed, then change it to “Do nothing.”

Repair a Toshiba Laptop Lid Close Switch

You can follow some basic, manual steps provided by our experienced personnel to repair the close lid switch of Toshiba laptop.

Steps To Be Followed To Repair a Toshiba Laptop Lid Close Switch:

⦁    At first, open the laptop lid and locate the position of the close switch. Accordingly, It can be typically found out near the lid hinges

⦁    Gently press down the switch pin a few times. Sometimes a bit of nudging is required to get the pin snap back into action

⦁    You need to look around the switch and verify that no foreign objects or debris gets stuck into it. After that, You can look around the edges of the frame by using the penlight. If you            found any visible objects there, remove it carefully using the tweezers

⦁    To remove remaining debris and dust, you can blow away them by using the compressed air

⦁   Still, You need to tap on again on the switch pin to ensure that it moves freely.

Grab 24*7 Toshiba Recovery Helpline Number :

Still, you are facing issues with your Toshiba laptop switches? Dial our Toll-free Number +1-844-200-2814 to get recommended solutions for your problems relevant to Toshiba laptops. You can also get our remote assistance from the help desk. Finally, Feel free to talk to our executives online through Live Interaction support. Any feedback regarding our service is highly encouraged.

How to Connect a Toshiba Laptop to a Projector?

An audio-visual presentation helps you in making your ideas and thoughts easier for others to understand by providing them a visually interactive experience. When you connect your Toshiba laptop to a projector, it fulfills the process of interaction as well as learning. If you are encountering any problems in making this connection. Contact our professionals at our Toshiba Laptop Support Number to Connect a Toshiba Laptop to a Projector.

Usually, the laptop automatically sends the video signal to an external display such as a projector. In case, your projector fails to connect to our laptop; it will not be able to display the images. Though the procedure to connect the Toshiba laptop to a projector is simple, yet we are providing you a guide to help you in the process.

Connect a Toshiba Laptop to a Projector

Few identical steps to connect Toshiba laptop to a Projector:

  • Shut down your laptop and locate the blue DVI or VGA port on the back of your Toshiba laptop. Now plug the projector’s RGB cable into the VGA or DVI port on the Toshiba laptop
  • Turn on the projector by plugging it into an electrical outlet. After that, power on your laptop and allow it to boot properly
  • After booting process is completed, open the presentation or files from the application which you want to display on the projector
  • Now simultaneously press “Fn” and “F5” keys to toggle the display between “projector only,” “laptop only” and “laptop and projector.”

Dial our toll-free number for expert guidance:

Our customer support is available to help you with any Toshiba related issues. Just call us at our toll-free Toshiba Laptop Support Number to get appropriate solutions for your issues instantly. We are always ready to serve our customers. We help them in connecting laptop to the projector and make the necessary adjustments in the settings for proper display of images.