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Change the Volume on a Toshiba Satellite
How to Change the Volume on a Toshiba Satellite?

Are you unable to change the volume of your Toshiba Satellite? Go through this article, to have a general idea about the same. You can also opt for our services, which are available at your doorstep at the best possible rates.



Toshiba Corporation is a Japanese company, highly known for the best performance laptops. With a full range of devices, Toshiba is making a name for itself in the world. Satellite is one of the laptops which is known for its advanced features. Unlike all other devices, Toshiba also comes with its glitches. Changing the volume is one such issue which needs its fixes at the right time. Delaying may cause severe damage to the audio system of the device. By following the steps mentioned below, you can change the volume on a Toshiba Satellite quickly, or you can also choose our services at affordable rates.

Know, why you are unable to change the volume of your device.

To resolve your issues, you need to know the reasons why your device might have started to show terrible glitches in it. These are some of the probable reasons which will further help you to understand the same.
1. Sometimes too loud volume can lead to disruption and other issues of volume failure. This will further lead to disabling your speaker, making it almost impossible to change the volume.
2. Old and outdated drivers is also a reason why you are unable to change the volume of your speaker. To avoid problems with your speaker, your drivers need to be updated.
3. Some old and faulty speakers is also a reason why the volume is neither increasing nor decreasing. It needs its changes from time to time.

Follow these steps to change the volume of your device.

To change the volume of your speaker, you need to follow few simple steps, that will enable you to operate your speaker for further use.
1. You need to double click on the speaker icon available at the taskbar at the bottom right corner. The volume control pop up window will appear.
2. Next, you need to click on the volume slider and move it up and down until it increases or decreases the volume. You can now make adjustments to the bass option available, which can also affect the quality of the sound.
3. Mute the laptop by pressing down the ‘FN’ key and also simultaneously pressing the ‘ESC’ key. Do it twice or thrice, until it solves your issue.

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If none of the methods works and you are still finding a problem to regulate the volume of your device, we are here to help. Our Toshiba Customer Support services are available at affordable rates.

Unlock the Touchpad for a Toshiba
How to Unlock the Touchpad for a Toshiba?

looking for a way to unlock the touchpad of your Toshiba laptop? Here are some of the ways to do so. Go through the article and get access to the touchpad of your device instantly or you can opt for our services which are available at affordable rates.




Toshiba is manufacturing laptops that are innovative in its looks and best in its performance. It is designed for offices that multitask a lot, but unlike every other device, Toshiba devices are not without its faults. The touchpad of the laptop stops working sometimes, as it locks itself down. This happens due to probable matches of the keys that we type on the keyboard. Such unintended commands are sent to the laptop, locks the touchpad, making it almost impossible to move the cursor from one place. This kind of situations needs its fixes at the right time, as it holds you down, wasting your valuable time. To unlock the Touchpad for a Toshiba laptop you need to follow these specific steps that will enable you to use your laptop further.


Some of the reasons why your touchpad might have stopped working.

Before knowing the steps to unlock your device’s touchpad, know the reason why it must have been locked in the first place.

  1. Missing drivers can also lock your touchpad.
  2. A corrupted and virus-infected driver can also lead to locking of your touchpad.
  3. Some of the system updates do not always work fine for the old drivers; this can lead to locking of the touchpad.
  4. Pressing some key in the keyboard that has matched, leads to locking of your touchpad.


Steps to follow for unlocking the touchpad of your device.

Follow these simple steps and unlock your touchpad instantly.

  1. Firstly, you need to test the touchpad and check if it isn’t damaged. Swipe your finger it gently and see if it is cracked or damaged in any sort.
  2. Press and hold the FN key found at the bottom of the laptop’s keyboard. It is usually located next to the windows key available.
  3. Press the F9 key found on the top row while doing so simultaneously hold on the FN key. The touchpad should be unlocked by now.


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In case you need to take your laptop to an expert, who will understand the problem better and will be able to help you get out of this difficulty faster, dial our Toshiba tech support number today!.

Start a Toshiba Laptop in Safe Mode
How to Start a Toshiba Laptop in Safe Mode on windows?

Any laptop including those manufactured by Toshiba have Windows operating system which contains a particular boot mode called safe mode like Toshiba Laptop in Safe Mode on windows. In safe mode, the booting is usually done with the keyboard after you restart the laptop. The booting is done to detect and troubleshoot the operating system and detect virus and malware. It also helps your laptops to start without any extra drivers or programs.


Benefits of booting Toshiba Laptop in a safe mode:

  • Safe Mode does not allow to run autoexec.bat or config.sys files.
  • In safe mode, most of the device drivers are not loaded.
  • Safe Mode uses standard VGA graphics mode instead of the normal graphics driver.
  • Safe Mode also checks the Msdos.sys file to find the rest of the Windows files.
  • In safe mode, windows load the regular system.ini file and Registry settings.

Effective Step to Start a Toshiba Laptop in Safe Mode on windows:

Often you might face problems while installing a new software application or adding drivers for new hardware. The laptop might crash up or lock up suddenly. To avoid such issues, you have to start a Toshiba Laptop in safe mode Windows. In case you are unable to start your laptop in a safe mode follow the instructions given below.

  1. First turn on your laptop or restart it, if it is already on.
  2. Press F8 repeatedly as soon as the laptop starts up.
  3. Once the safe mode list appears on the advanced startup menu stop pressing F8 key.
  4. Use up and down arrow and select the required safe mode type you want to boot into.
  5. Now press enter key to allow your laptop to boot in safe mode.

The above steps will help you to boot your laptop in safe mode easily.  In case you are still not able to do contact our experts for other additional solutions.

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