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Toshiba bios password reset tool
How to Fix Toshiba bios password reset tool?

Toshiba is the provider of smart and high-quality laptops across the world. With its extensive range of laptops, notebooks, and computers, Toshiba is taking over the world. The devices manufactured by the company are used both at home and offices. With smart features like high display and fast performance, Toshiba is considered to be one of the best laptop brands in the world. But similar to any technical device, Toshiba also has its faults that time after time frustrates regular users and lowers their work output. One of the issues Toshiba users face is in the handling of password reset tool. To fix Toshiba bios password reset tool, you can follow the steps given below or directly call our customer support for help.

Toshiba bios password reset tool

Know the reasons for which the resetting tool might not work.

For resolving issues you need to first know the reasons for which it might be creating a problem for you. Following are the reasons:

  1. You might have forgotten your password which will disable you from resetting it.
  2. Your password has been changed without your notice which will further block you from entering your device.

Resolve your password related issues.

To fix Toshiba bios password reset tool, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Reset the CMOS: In basic term, CMOS is part of the motherboard which stores Bios settings. Clearing the CMOS from there will help you to remove the Bios password of your Toshiba laptop. To do so, you must first remove your battery from your laptop. Removing battery depends from one laptop to another, but the best way is to open the battery lock at the bottom of the device. After doing so, leave the device and battery unattended for an hour. Resetting it back after an hour should no longer ask you for a Bios password which resolves your problem then and there.
  2. Use backdoor password: Using a backdoor password is one’s safe haven. This password is set by the manufacturers who include it with the bios so that one can access it during an emergency. The password for the backdoor access is ‘Toshiba’ which will get you on your laptop within seconds.  This will get you access and also reset your password for better use.

If none of the above-given option works, you need to get your laptop to experts. They will assist you to get through this and gain you access to your laptop. You can also opt for our service which is available at affordable rates.

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Encountering problem with your device is common. We understand how irritating it might be when you are unable to get access to your laptop. This might slow you down, lower your work productivity and also frustrate you beyond bounds. In this terrible time when nothing works, you can contact our expert technicians who are here 24*7 to help you and get you out of dire situations.