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How to fix Toshiba tec b sx4 paper jam issues

Are you continuously getting paper jam errors in your Toshiba TEC B-SX4 printers? Don’t panic. Visit our site to resolve these errors within minutes.

 Toshiba tec b sx4 paper jam issues

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Moreover, Toshiba TEC B-SX4 printers are known for its superior performance in a variety of manufacturing and telecom industries. They are supplied with Bartender UltraLite labeling software. Though the printer is packed with advantageous features, there are some common issues which affect the printing device and irritate the users while it is being used. One of such is Toshiba TEC B-SX4 paper jam issue.

Several causes which are responsible for Toshiba printer paper jam issues, like:

  • The media is not fed smoothly and thus jamming issue occurs.
  • An incorrect Media Sensor is selected for the media which is being used
  • The difference caused in the size of both loaded and programmed media
  • Improper alignment of Black Mark Sensor with the Black Mark on the Media
  • The Feed gap Sensor failed to distinguish the print area from a label gap

However, If your Toshiba printer is affected by such issues, you can easily resolve it by following some simple steps. You can connect with us for proper assistance. Our team is committed to delivering quick solutions to all your problems.

Steps To Resolve Toshiba TEC B-SX4 Paper Jam Problems:

  • Turn off the Toshiba printer and unplug it
  • Open the top cover of it and turn the head Lever to free position. Then open the ribbon shaft holder plate and the print head block
  • Remove the media and ribbon. Don’t try to use any sharp tools and implements for doing this as these might damage your printer parts.
  • Remove the jammed media form the Toshiba printer and clean the printhead by removing any further dust or substances
  • Reset your printer back to default settings

Paper jams can even be caused by wear or residual glue from the label stock on the cutter, so it is better recommended to not use any non-specified media in the cutter.

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