How to Reset a Toshiba Copier?

Toshiba is a symbol of advanced technology and far-fetched innovation. Abundance qualities embody within a single Toshiba device. One such device is Toshiba Copier. It makes a perfect multifunctional device. But sometimes you need to Reset a Toshiba Copier to resume printing and copying features.

How to Reset a Toshiba Copier

Toshiba Copiers works perfectly fine until something troubles its features. Such moments call for an instant reset of your Toshiba copier. Toshiba copiers also come with password protection and customizable settings. In case the password is lost or need to recover, resetting is the best option.

Effective Step by Step Process to Reset a Toshiba Copier:

The process is not at all troubling if you stay calm and cool. With simple and easy steps, you can easily restore your Toshiba Copier. Either you need to read the blog out or connect with Toshiba Repair Services to make this process handy and hassle-free.

  • Before going through the process, you need to make sure whether the machine is off or not.
  • When the copier is off, press and hold the 0 and the8 button.
  • When you hear a long beep, it means the Test Mode D is activated.
  • Now press the Green start button after typing 263 on the keyboard. When the password shows up on the copier screen, you can choose another password if needed.
  • After that click on Set to set the new password followed by switching off the machine.
  • Now, wait for a good 15 seconds before turning it back on.
  • Open the main menu to reset the functions you wish to reset.
  • Click on the Function Clear option followed by typing the password.
  • Follow the process for all the functions you want to reset.


Make a Quick Call at Toshiba Support Number for Immediate Results:

Whenever and wherever you confront any such Toshiba e studio 2330c factory reset related issues, we are here to back you up. With a team of efficient engineers, Toshiba Support Phone Number tackles all typical issues that come to us. No matter how annoying the error is, our support team will not let you down. They will leave no stone unturned to satiate your needs. Hence dial up the helpline number and make yourself free from all stress.