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How to Enter BIOS on a Toshiba Tecra?

Are you unable to Enter BIOS on your Toshiba Tecra? The steps provided below will allow you to resolve the issues. Go through the entire article and follow the procedure. In case you face further problems related to entering BIOS in your Tecra, you can choose us and avail support at discounted rates.


Toshiba offers a wide range of laptops and computers, amongst which Tecra is the most reliable one. With its excellent features and smart interface, Tecra has made its stand in the world. BIOS is something which is required to verify all the components of the laptop before an operating system is loaded. Having BIOS on your laptop makes it easier to get access to any changes you want to build on your laptop. Without having BIOS, it is more laborious and also difficult to change the interface, but you might face problems while doing so. To Enter BIOS on a Toshiba Tecra follow the below-given steps which will enable you to have an error-free and secure use of your Tecra Laptop.

Reasons to know before entering BIOS in your laptop.

Before you can proceed with entering BIOS in your laptop, know the reasons why a BIOS  update might go wrong.

  1. Entering BIOS can be a tricky situation. In case of a power shortage during the process of entering, it might cause you much more damage than just a few shortfalls.
  2. Significant problems can occur if the BIOS is entered for a different version of the motherboard, which does not support your current BIOS. This might lead to power problems, and your laptop might not start at all.

Steps to Enter BIOS in your laptop.

Following steps will help you to enter BIOS on your Toshiba Tecra laptop.

  1. Turn down the power of your Toshiba Tecra. Wait for a for few seconds before pressing the power button again. While doing so hold down the escape key, which will start booting itself. Wait for a pop-up message ‘Check System’ to appear on the screen.
  2. Let the escape key go and press ‘F1’ immediately. Use left-right arrow key to navigate through the various options of BIOS available on your screen and make the necessary changes according to your taste and requirement.
  3. Lastly, press the end key to save the changes that you have made for your BIOS and restart your Toshiba Tecra to have a freshly updated BIOS, entered in your device.

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