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How to Factory Restore a Toshiba Tecra?

Looking for a way to Factory restore your Toshiba Tecra? Go through this article and get benefitted by following few steps. Get smart and easy ways to fix errors on your laptop.


Factory Restore a Toshiba Tecra


Tecra is popular among home users, but it is mostly intended to be used in businesses where multitasking is required. Factory restore, on the other hand, fixes all the bugs and errors in your laptop. Unlike every other device, Tecra also has its glitches which irritates the users. Factory restore, although removes all the possible threats from your computer, it also clears and deletes all your data. Make sure to get all your data in the backup before performing a factory restore. To factory restore a Toshiba Tecra you need to follow specific steps, which will enable you to complete the task smoothly.


Reasons to know before performing a factory reset.

Few of the reasons that you will encounter are:

  1. Virus and other malware that has corrupted your laptop. The anti-virus available in your laptop might not be of use when it comes to dangerous malware. In such a situation, a factory restore will erase all the data which has been corrupted by the virus and restore itself to pre-installed settings available. It will set itself to its original operating system.
  2. Problems with any of the software which might lag down the performance of your laptop. You might notice that your laptop has started to slow down or even a particular software is starting to crash every time you try to open it. In situations like this, you can opt for a factory restore which will erase the slowed down software and also clear all the other data you have and provide you with a fresh start.
  3. Freezing problem that you might encounter while opening a particular software or any software a such. Restore your factory settings in such a situation and it will clear all the hidden issues which couldn’t have been fixed otherwise.


Restore the factory settings of your Tecra

Follow these simple steps, to Factory Restore a Toshiba Tecra and get a trouble free laptop experience.

  1. You need to first turn off your Tecra laptop by pressing down the power button for about 10 seconds.
  2. This will make a beeping noise and when you hear so, release the ‘0’ button immediately.
  3. An option ‘Confirm System Recovery’ will pop up on your screen. Select the confirm option with a ‘yes.’
  4. Another option will pop in your screen ‘Recovery of Factory Default Software.’ click on the same and then click ‘next.’
  5. Next, an option will appear as ‘Recover to out-of-box state’ and then click next again. This will give you an opportunity to make your Tecra come to its original state.
  6. Selecting Next again will start the factory reset. You can follow the onscreen guided options which will appear time after time and complete your factory reset.


Grab 24*7 Toshiba Recovery Helpline Number

toshiba laptop support

If the above procedure does not work best for you and if your Tecra is still filled with bugs, you can always opt for our Toshiba Customer Support services. Our rates are affordable, keeping in view the restrictions of your budget.