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Noise within a Toshiba Laptop
How to Fix Noise within a Toshiba Laptop?

In each computing device, there is a preinstalled fan inside them. The fan squeezes the excess heat out of the laptop. It keeps the components cool. But the fan can give you some noisy experiences. Until and unless you Fix noise within a Toshiba laptop, it will literally irritate you from the core.

Fix Noise within a Toshiba Laptop

Fans are necessary to keep your system safe from overheating. If the fan does not work properly, the system will be heated up. It can make serious hardware damages. You may fall into a trap that will cost you a gross amount of money. To erase out the disturbing from your laptop, you need to wipe off the dust that accumulates over the time. The grimes can make your fan noisy. Even you can change the BIOS settings to keep the tumult in check.

Reasonable Solutions to Troubleshoot Noise within a Toshiba Laptop:

If the fan constantly makes ruffling noises, it will certainly create sheer frustration within you. As you change the settings, the fan will be much muffled. But remember, it may subject to the higher temperature. Cleaning off the dust from the fan is not at all knobby work. But it is better to go with the blog and approach Toshiba Laptop Repair Services to avoid chaos.

Solution 1: Clean out the Fan

  • The first thing that you need to do is to take the battery out after shutting the system down.
  • Make sure to unplug your system before that.
  • Now make the fan vents vulnerable.
  • Ensure that you no make any physical contact with the internal components of the Toshiba Machine.
  • Release any static charge that the device has left with.
  • Now unscrew the bottom panel to remove it.
  • Use compressed air to blow out any dust accumulation inside the laptop.
  • Place the bottom panel and the battery back in their positions.
  • Turn the laptop on and check the fan whether it is still loud or not.

Solution 2: Slow Down the Fan Speed

  • When you start your Toshiba Laptop, press either any of the key, F1, F2 or Esc to enter the BIOS.
  • You can use the arrow keys for moving and the Enter button for selection.
  • Now you need to navigate to Fan Settings.
  • You can find it under either any of the one “Advanced,” “H/W Monitor” or “CPU”.
  • Look for “Fan High Temperature,” “Fan High Voltage,” “Fan Low Temperature “and” Fan Low Voltage” in the Fan Settings.
  • Make small adjustments and check the temperature.
  • If the system becomes hot and unstable, undo the changes right away.
  • To make the fan run less often, increase “Fan Low Temperature”. Increase the “Fan High Temperature” to reduce the noise.
  • Also, decrease the “Fan High Voltage” and “Fan Low Voltage” to make the fun run slow and smooth.
  • Click on “Save Settings and Exit” followed by clicking on Exit.
  • Restart your system to make such settings happen.


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