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Resolve Toshiba Factory Reset 0 Not Working

Toshiba came up as a global giant in the field of information technology, home, and office solutions. They have developed brilliant office solutions like printers, scanners, industrial-scale printers, photocopiers, etc. The Toshiba Laptops are one of the most reliable laptop computers available in the market. These laptops equip with various advanced features like easy user interface, powerful processors, huge storage memory and various other features. Learn here how to fix Toshiba factory reset 0 not working issue.

Fix Toshiba factory reset 0 not working By Recovery Wizard:

Here we will talk about how to resolve Toshiba factory reset 0 not working. Sometimes the 0 key will not bring any changes because the recovery partition might have a developer lock. This should be by the manufacturers because only certified tech personnel must handle the system software of the sophisticated device. Still, A tech professional knows what are the best settings should be doing here to get the performance of the laptop back is.

Toshiba provides a separate portion of the storage to store the factory reset software application on their laptops. The application stays hidden in the device boot menu until there is a system software error occurring. There is a certain method to activate and start the recovery application. After turning the device off, you have to turn it on again. At the boot screen press and hold “0” (zero) on the keyboard until a warning message comes up on the screen.

Get in touch with Toshiba Support through Helpline Number:

Accordingly, With our tech professionals, you will be able to get assure methods to reset the device. Call us at the Toshiba Support Helpline Number 1-844-200-2814 and get assisted by best tech experts in the industry.

‎How to Resolve Toshiba command prompt
How To Resolve Toshiba Command Prompt?

Computer restore into factory settings will make your computer look like it was while you first purchased it. The task will remove all your downloaded files and applications from your system. Before we give you the answer of How to Resolve Toshiba command prompt, there is a few information that you should know.

‎How to Resolve Toshiba command prompt

What Happens after you restore into factory settings?

Once you restore your Toshiba laptop into factory settings, all your personal settings, customizations, downloaded files, and applications will be lost, and all the default settings will be activated. This process also restores all the applications originally installed by Windows.

Follow these steps to perform a factory restore with command prompt:

  1. Restart your computer and while the black BIOS screen appears, press F8 key multiple times. Another page with “ advanced boot options” will appear, where you have to choose “Safe mode with command prompt”
  2. After you are lead to the command prompt page, type “cd restore” and press Enter.
    Then in the same way type “rstrui.exe” and Enter
  3. A new window will be opened where you have to proceed with “Next”.
  4. In the warning window “Once started, a system cannot be interrupted”, click Yes.

Looking for our helpline number?Dial +1-844-200-2814 Toshiba Helpline for Instant Support:

If you have been facing any error during the system restore function, or you have any confusion about any step, feel free to ask our experts. They are very helpful and will give you complete guidance about the complex process. You can reach us at our toll-free Toshiba Customer Support Number.

How to Restore a Toshiba back to factory settings
How to Restore a Toshiba back to factory settings?

Restoring your Toshiba computer to factory settings can be troublesome and complicated for you. It will be a great risk to perform the task for the first time without anything prior knowledge. Go through the write-up where you will find the step by step solution for your query How to restore Toshiba back to factory settings. For any further query, you are free to call our toll-free support number and talk to our professionals directly.

How to Restore a Toshiba back to factory settings

What Can Be the Side-Effect of Factory Restore?

You can come up with several errors once you try to restore your computer settings. These are:

  • All your data will be lost that was saved in your computer. The applications that you have installed will be removed from the system.
  • Your computer will get back to the original form, the way you had received it out-of-the-box.
  • All the bloatware, unnecessary software that was in the system will be back again
  • By any chance, if the restoration process gets interrupted in the middle, the computer might face heavy internal damage.
  • Your computer will restart several times in between the restoration process. But you don’t need to worry about it.

How to restore factory settings in Toshiba laptop?

  1. Restart your laptop and remove the external hardware like mouse, keyboard, printer, speaker, etc.
  2. When the system is turning on, press and hold 0 key till the recovery screen appears.
  3. Click yes in the warning screen saying, “Once start all your device data will be delete”
  4. Toshiba Recovery Wizard will turn on, where you have to select “recovery of factory software”
  5. Proceed with the coming options with “next” until your process complete.

Grab 24*7 Toshiba Recovery Helpline Number :

If you face any confusing situations, don’t take any risk and call our experts at Toshiba Helpline Number directly. You can reach us by means of toll-free calling, emails or live chat support. We can also provide real-time service at your door where our technicians will repair your device at just one call.

How to reboot a Toshiba laptop without recovery disk
How to reboot a Toshiba laptop without recovery disk?

Toshiba is a huge name in the field of information technology. They have developed high-quality computer products and solutions that will make your everyday computing easier. Their range of laptop use widely by the industry. Toshiba laptops are one of their best seller appliances. They have equipped their laptop series with various new features like easy and customizable user interface, high-quality speakers, powerful processors and latest Windows Operating System.

How to reboot a Toshiba laptop without recovery disk

Toshiba laptops are renowned for their high-quality parts and reliable computing power. Advanced features enhance the user’s computing experience by a huge mark. The advanced features are new to the market, and they are still in the developmental phase. Toshiba laptops need time to time error checkups and maintenance to deliver powerful computing constantly. An expert’s attention requires when your Toshiba laptop faces issues. Here, at the Toshiba Support, our tech professionals know about the adequate tools and applications to reboot a Toshiba laptop without recovery disk. They will conduct a thorough check-up of the device and decide whether it needs a reset or a system tune up to get the performance power back. 

How to reset your Toshiba laptop without recovery disk:

Toshiba had enabled its laptops with a self-recovery program that will let the user restore. Their computer to either partially to a point where it was working fine or fully restore. The system recovery process complicates and has a lot of critical options. You can use this recovery application in case you misplaced or lose the actual recovery disk.

Get professional help for your Toshiba laptops:

We understand how essential your laptop can be in today’s business. We are here available 24*7 at our Toshiba Support Number  1-844-200-2814 to help each customer who is facing an issue while recovering their laptop.

How to Fix Toshiba laptop stuck on startup screen
How to Fix Toshiba laptop stuck on startup screen?

Toshiba offers a varied range of laptops and computer accessories for the users. With such high-end specifications and good configuration, It has earned reputation in the global market. Laptops, being an electronic device are susceptible to overheat at times due to their mini size. Thus, it results in a system crash or fails to boot. If you encounter any such problem, reach out to us to resolve Toshiba laptop stuck on the startup screen.

Not only this, there are some other causes which ultimately leads to system failure. Some hardware and software components are responsible for that.

Check out some startup error messages of Toshiba laptops:

  • Non-System Disk Error- Your Toshiba laptop’s BIOS generates this error when the master boot record or boot drive is missing or damaged. If your boot device is improperly configured in laptop’s BIOS then also this error occurs. In such cases, there is no relevant partition but the data in the partition will remain undamaged and valid.
  • Hard Disk Controller Failure Error- This error message is displayed when the hard disk controller is not set up correctly in the BIOS, the hard disk controller has failed, or the hard disk failed to communicate with the attached drives
  • Missing Operating System Error- When the boot record signature of the master boot record does not match a certain value, this error occurs. Even if there is no active partition defined in the partition table, this error is generated. In such condition, the computer fails to boot.

Steps to solve these Toshiba laptop startup errors:

  • Boot or Start your Laptop from the Installation media. You need to insert USB flash drive or DVD and restart the computer
  • Click on “Repair your computer” from the Install Windows page to start the Windows Recovery Mode
  • Choose “Troubleshoot” option in the Windows Recovery Environment and then click on “Advanced Option.” At last, select Startup Repair option.

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Get expertise recommendations from us by calling us at our toll-free 1-844-200-2814 Toshiba Laptop Customer Service Number for fixing your  Toshiba laptop error message startup. Hurry up! Call us and get answers to all your queries instantly.

‎How to Resolve Toshiba TEC B-SX4 paper jam issue?

Toshiba TEC B-SX4 printers are known for its superior performance in a variety of manufacturing and telecom industries. They supply with Bartender UltraLite labeling software. Though the printer is packed with advantageous features, there are some common issues which affect the printing device and irritate the users while it is being used. One of such is Toshiba TEC B-SX4 paper jam issue.

Steps To Resolve Toshiba TEC B-SX4 Paper Jam Problems:

  • Turn off the Toshiba printer and unplug it
  • Open the top cover of it and turn the head Lever to free position. Then open the ribbon shaft holder plate and the print head block
  • Remove the media and ribbon. Don’t try to use any sharp tools and implements for doing this as these might damage your printer parts.
  • Remove the jammed media form the Toshiba printer and clean the printhead by removing any further dust or substances
  • Reset your printer back to default settings

Several causes which are responsible for Toshiba printer paper jam issues, like:

  • The media is not fed smoothly and thus jamming issue occurs.
  • An incorrect Media Sensor select for the media which is being used
  • The difference caused in the size of both loaded and programmed media
  • Improper alignment of Black Mark Sensor with the Black Mark on the Media
  • The Feed gap Sensor failed to distinguish the print area from a label gap

Grab 24*7 Toshiba Recovery Helpline Number :

You can choose our services by calling us at our toll-free Toshiba Printer Customer Support Number 1-844-200-2814. We are 24×7 ready to provide assistance to our clients in the best way possible. We are very responsive to our customer’s calls and messages. Our services are just a call away. Feel free to talk to our professionals through Live Chat support or dial our toll-free number.

‎How to Fix toshiba sx4 printer troubleshooting
‎How to Fix Toshiba sx4 printer troubleshooting?

Toshiba Sx4 are thermal printers which have maintained the technical innovation of Toshiba high-class industrial printers. Though they are of superior quality, users often encounter some common errors which need serious attention. If you are facing errors in your Toshiba Sx4 printers and you fail to fix, avail our immediate support to resolve Toshiba Sx4 printer troubleshooting.

‎How to Fix toshiba sx4 printer troubleshooting

You can go through the instructions which are provided by our expert team to get rid of such errors. Then also, if you cannot resolve, call us for assistance.

Follow This Section To Get possible Solutions For Your Toshiba Sx4 Printer Problems:

  • Head Open Error- You receive this error code when your Print Head Block is opened in online mode. To solve this, you need to close the print head block.
  • Cutter Error- If and only the cutter module is installed on your printer, then you get this error code. It occurs because the media is somewhere jammed in the cutter. To solve this, you have to remove the jammed media and press the Restart key to restart your printer.
  • Ribbon Error- When the ribbon is not fed properly in the printer, this message appears on the LCD of your printer. In this case, you should remove and check the status of the ribbon. Sometimes, even you need to replace it.
  • Excess Head Temp- This error message appears on the printer when the print head is overheated. You can solve this issue in minutes by turning off the printer and allowing it to cool down.
  • Comms Error- This displays when any communication error has occurred. An easy way to resolve this is by checking whether the interface cable is properly connected to the printer and the host. Make sure that the host is turned on.
  • Paper Jam Error- You get this error code when any media gets jammed in the media path, any wrong media is selected for the media being used or when the size of the loaded media is different. There are different ways in which you can try to solve this error. You can clean the plates and reload the media correctly.

Contact us to get detailed solutions for your Toshiba printers:


Some of the solutions for your Toshiba sx4 printers have been analyzed above. To get the rest solutions, call us now at our Toshiba Printer Support Number 1-844-200-2814. We are available all along when it comes to resolving the issues.

‎How to Fix Toshiba sx5 ribbon error
‎How to Fix Toshiba sx5 ribbon error?

Looking for ways to fix Toshiba sx5 ribbon error in your budget? Keep on reading to know about smart ways to eliminate printing errors. Barcode is a machine-readable optical presentation of data used for various purposes such as product information, price, billing, identification codes and other purposes. You can see a barcode in almost every fast moving consumer goods you purchase. 

‎How to Fix Toshiba sx5 ribbon error

Toshiba is a good brand in the industry of information technology and computer solutions. Accordingly, They build various electronic devices like printers, laptops, hard drives, photocopiers, scanners and other computer hardware and solutions. They have brought innovation to the barcode system of the world by producing compact automatic barcode printing machines for the use of customers who manufactures or sells goods and products. The Toshiba SX5 Barcode printing machine is one of the most popular barcode printers the company produce. These printers equip with advanced technology and automation process to make barcode printing easier and faster. These printer uses high-tech thermal transfer process to conduct information encoded in barcodes on the paper or suitable materials. This process makes the barcodes more accurate and increases the productivity of the printer. The printer comes with Bartender UltraLite labeling software for customization of the labels you need to print with the Toshiba SX5.

Common errors occur while using Toshiba SX5:

  • The “head open” error is the most common error that occurs; this particular error indicates the printer’s head block is open while the printer is operational.
  • Fix Toshiba sx5 ribbon error is the most annoying error happens with this printer; the error occurs when the printer heat ribbon dry out and not work in the way it should.
  •  Paper jam error occurs if the paper on which the barcode labels will be printed, jams inside the printer mechanism.

Call us for instant support for your Toshiba SX5:


Still, Do you have any issue with your barcode printer? Don’t let your printer errors slow down your business productivity. Dial our Toshiba Support Number 1-844-200-2814 and avail expert advice to repair your SX5 printer. Finally, We have been making office solutions easier with our quality services under affordable price range.

‎How to Fix Toshiba Barcode printer paper jam error?

Toshiba is a famous name in the industry of information technology and computer solutions. The company builds various types of computer utilities such as printers, hard drives, laptops, barcode scanners, industrial printers, barcode printing machines, etc. Toshiba has made barcode scanning system available for the common users in the small-scale and medium-scale business. They have designed high-quality advanced barcode printers like the SX5, EX6-T1 and various other barcode printers that comes within an affordable price range. The printers were specifically designed for commercial usage. You can keep track of individual goods or products with an accuracy of computers now.

‎How to Fix Toshiba Barcode printer paper jam error

You have to use a printing device specifically made for the barcode printing. Toshiba Barcode printer is one of the most reliable devices you can find in the market. The unique features of these printers are thermal information transfer system, high accuracy in barcodes, a faster print speed which made these printers popular in the modern day business world. However, there are a few errors that may occur with a Toshiba barcode printer. If you are facing Toshiba barcode printer paper jam error, you have landed in the right place to get all your printer related issues solved instantly. Call us at our Toshiba Support number now to avail premium services.

Common problems in Toshiba barcode printer:

  • The “head open” error is one of the most problems; this particular error is the sign that the printer’s head block is open while the printer is online.
  • Ribbon error is the most annoying error happens with the barcode printers; the error happens when the printer print-ribbon is not moist and not working in the way it should.
  • Paper jam error occurs if the paper material on which the barcode labels will be engrave, jams in the printer’s paper intake mechanism.

Call us and get professional assistance into the rescue:


Accordingly, Tired of trying different solutions? Well, your day just got lucky. You are browsing the web page of one of the best tech support service available in the industry. Reach us at the Toshiba Support Number  1-844-200-2814 now and avail premium repair services for your printer.

‎How to Fix Toshiba laptop start up air loop
How To Fix Toshiba Laptop Start Up Air Loop?

Every Toshiba laptop goes through a booting process. When the laptop is powered on at first, it undergoes a series of tests to make sure that its hardware is working properly and is operational. In addition to this, the information which is specific to the operating system is being loaded and make your laptop ready to use. Occasionally, it might get stuck in a booting loop, where the booting process starts but fails to complete the entire process. In case, you encounter this issue and you want to resolve it, take help of our experts to fix Toshiba laptop start up air loop Problems.

‎How to Fix Toshiba laptop start up air loop

Check out some basic steps:

You can check out and troubleshoot the cause of the problem by following some of the necessary steps:

⦁ You need to ensure that your laptop Should be switch off before you attempt this.

⦁ Observe the booting process carefully and make a note where it exactly ends and starts over. This will indicate that where the problem has actually occurred. In the process, if your laptop reboots early, then there might be some hardware issue and if it occurs further in the process, there can be some issues with the operating system software

⦁ Check to see whether your Toshiba laptop overheats. If you find that it is running hot, try to use canned air to clear out of vents. For greater airflow in, you need to elevate the laptop off its resting surface

⦁ You can choose the standard approach in troubleshooting by booting into the safe mode. In Windows, you can do so by pressing the F8 key at the time of start-up of the laptop. You will get a submenu, from there select the option “Safe mode with command prompt.”

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You can contact us by calling at our toll-free Toshiba Laptop Customer Support Number 1-844-200-2814 to avail our premium quality services. Get best recommendations from our skilled and experienced professionals to resolve all your issues in real time.