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How to Fix Toshiba laptop stuck on startup screen
How to Fix Toshiba laptop stuck on startup screen?

Toshiba offers a varied range of laptops and computer accessories for the users. With such high-end specifications and good configuration, It has earned reputation in the global market. Laptops, being an electronic device are susceptible to overheat at times due to their mini size. Thus, it results in a system crash or fails to boot. If you encounter any such problem, reach out to us to resolve Toshiba laptop stuck on the startup screen.

Not only this, there are some other causes which ultimately leads to system failure. Some hardware and software components are responsible for that.

Check out some startup error messages of Toshiba laptops:

  • Non-System Disk Error- Your Toshiba laptop’s BIOS generates this error when the master boot record or boot drive is missing or damaged. If your boot device is improperly configured in laptop’s BIOS then also this error occurs. In such cases, there is no relevant partition but the data in the partition will remain undamaged and valid.
  • Hard Disk Controller Failure Error- This error message is displayed when the hard disk controller is not set up correctly in the BIOS, the hard disk controller has failed, or the hard disk failed to communicate with the attached drives
  • Missing Operating System Error- When the boot record signature of the master boot record does not match a certain value, this error occurs. Even if there is no active partition defined in the partition table, this error is generated. In such condition, the computer fails to boot.

Steps to solve these Toshiba laptop startup errors:

  • Boot or Start your Laptop from the Installation media. You need to insert USB flash drive or DVD and restart the computer
  • Click on “Repair your computer” from the Install Windows page to start the Windows Recovery Mode
  • Choose “Troubleshoot” option in the Windows Recovery Environment and then click on “Advanced Option.” At last, select Startup Repair option.

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Toshiba laptop stuck on startup screen
How to Fix Toshiba laptop stuck on startup screen

If your Toshiba laptops are stuck on “Toshiba Leading Innovations” screen, it will not allow you to use any further options. Don’t give up! Reach us to get detailed and prompt answers to all your queries.

Toshiba laptop stuck on startup screenMake A Wise Choice By Choosing Us To Repair Toshiba Laptop Stuck On Start Up Screen

Does your Toshiba laptop stuck on the startup screen? You don’t know how to fix it. Majority of users have complained about this issue that their laptop gets stuck on a Toshiba logo screen and they have no idea how to fix it. It often happens because of an incorrect boot configuration or when the master boot record malfunctions. It is not easy to repair this issue if you don’t possess the technical knowledge. But you can resolve it by trying to fix the boot configuration by taking the help of Windows’ startup options. If this fails to work, you should use your Windows system CD/DVD to repair the master boot record.

Usually, when you have start-up issues in Windows, the boot recovery application turns out to be a powerful tool. But before choosing any of such tools you can try some basic troubleshooting steps to fix your laptop problem.

Some easy fixes which you can try to fix this issue:

  • Power off your laptop, take out the battery, reinsert it and start your computer
  • Disconnect any USB drives or memory cards so that your computer could
  • Clear the BIOS memory on your motherboard that will return the BIOS settings to factory defaults

System restore your Toshiba laptops:

It is the fastest way to repair your laptop if it gets stuck on. Toshiba laptops come with a hidden partition on HDD which contains device drivers and Os to restore laptop.

  • Shut down your Toshiba laptop completely and remove all external devices from it
  • Turn on your laptop and press down “0” key until and unless a warning message displays on your screen
  • Choose the most appropriate OS in the recovery process. Click on “Yes” option to continue with the process of recovery
  • Select “Recovery of Factory Software” and follow the directions on the screen

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