How to Toshiba Bios Update?

BIOS is the most important part of any computer/laptop. This is an inbuilt program generally helping to boot up your system. It helps to start the operating system when you turn on the device. Its main motto is to check every hardware works correctly or not. That’s why it is essential to update BIOS all the time. However, many Toshiba Laptop users often face problems at the time of updating the BIOS. Like you many users have the same question, How to Toshiba Bios Update?.

If you are looking for some easy ways to update BIOS on your Toshiba laptop, then you are in the right place. In this article, you can get some easy ways to update the BIOS.

Toshiba Bios Update

Toshiba BIOS update- Why Do You Need?

If you use an outdated BIOS, then it might not able to find any problem at the time of booting. If it happens, then it may create many problems in your system. That’s why it is better to update the BIOS software always.

If you don’t perform a BIOS update program, then you can face some problems in the near future. Problems such as:

  • The system will recognize the quad-core processor as a single core processor, which may prevent you to perform any work efficiently.
  • The performance of your system may deteriorate.
  • If there is any graphics card installed in your device, then it may not able to sync properly with the system.
  • Your laptop may crash while working.
  • The fan speed may reduce and this may lead to many problems.

That’s why it is most important to keep your Toshiba laptop BIOS updated. However, this is a tricky process to perform, if you are not confident enough to do that. Then go through the article and after that try to update the BIOS software.

How To Update The BIOS?

The procedure of updating the BIOS is a little tricky, but if you follow these below-mentioned steps, then you can complete the process smoothly.

But before you start BIOS update, check if the laptop is fully charged and for further safety plug in the charger also. Moreover, close all the running applications and antivirus programs to avoid unnecessary trouble.

  • At first, find the BIOS version of your laptop. For that, go the Start menu and search for  System Information option. After that click on the System Summary and under that, you can find the version of your system’s BIOS.
  • After finding the version, backup the BIOS first. In BIOS updater option there is an inbuilt  Backup option.
  • Then, find the right update which is required in your system. You can find this update driver version in the Toshiba official website.
  • As soon as you find the required version, download and run the file.
  • Now, your system will automatically update the BIOS. After the update program finishes, restart your system.

When done with these steps, your system will restart automatically for a few times. So, don’t worry it will be fine. Now all the programs of your system will work smoothly.

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